Podcast: Wild Cycling and Middle Aged Rampage

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Mark has been to Utah to check out something he still can’t tell us about. It was his first time there – did he have any fun? Chipps and Hannah join the conversation to discuss whether mountain biking needs a rebrand or has an image problem.

Plus, there’s the usual selection of news, tenuously related anecdotes, and lightly structured ramblings. And a bit of a flounce, from Hannah.

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Mark Alker

Singletrack Owner/Publisher

What Mark doesn’t know about social media isn’t worth knowing and his ability to balance “The Stack” is bested only by his agility on a snowboard. Graphs are what gets his engine revving, at least they would if his car wasn’t electric, and data is what you’ll find him poring over in the office. Mark enjoys good whisky, sci-fi and the latest Apple gadget, he is also the best boss in the world (Yes, he is paying me to write this).

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