Issue 146: Pete’s Myths: Nesbyen Huldufólk

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Pete chases shadows and Manon Carpenter in their search for this Norwegian myth. Words & Photography Pete Scullion Mention Scandinavian myth and legend to anyone, and they’ll no doubt think of trolls and fairies, or maybe even some of the bleaker aspects of Hans Christian Andersen’s works that get overlooked by Disney and the like.  Huldufólk are part of this larger Norse lore – generally more closely linked to Iceland and the Faroes than southern Norway, but it’s where I find myself searching for ‘hidden people’ with the help of local legend Will Gibson of Any Excuse to Ride fame...

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  • Issue 146: Pete’s Myths: Nesbyen Huldufólk
  • BruceWee
    Full Member

    I can definitely recommend the Bear House Cafe. And Nesbyen in general.

    Full Member

    I am hoping to visit Norway in 2024….fingers crossed for weather like this.

    Full Member

    Yeah I spent a week there and it rained alot:(

    Free Member

    Pingvinen in Bergen; we threw caution/cash to the wind and got pissed there.

    I may have even had whale steak…

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