Megasack Giveaway Day 15: Granite Designs Bike Stash RT Bundle

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Ooh, a tool! With all sorts of MacGyver/Transformers In Disguise type tricks up its sleeve…

We have daily (week day) prizes to be won, plus another of each prize which goes into our Megasack. Each day that you enter, you might win the daily prize. Whoop! But each daily entry also counts as an entry to win the Megasack. Enter every day to maximise your chances of winning the Megasack. Miss out on a daily entry because you don’t think that prize is one you want? You’re losing out on an extra chance to win the Megasack. Even if you’ve missed the daily draw, don’t worry, because you can still go back and enter in order to boost your chances of winning the Megsack.

To enter, you need to be logged in – it’s free to sign up. Once logged in, the entry box will reveal itself with a question. Answer it correctly to submit your entry. Easy peasy! Please note that prizes can only be sent to a UK address. Now that you’re caught up on what’s going on, let’s find out about the first great prize we have for you.

Granite Designs Bike Stash RT Bundle

With this bundle you’re in with the chance of winning the Stash RT (RT for Ratchet Tool), plus Garmin/Wahoo Mount Kit and AirTag Capsule enhancement kits. The Ratchet Tool includes a ratchet wrench and 9 tool bits (2, 2.5, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 8, T25, PH1). The extended Ph1 bit can be used as a leverage arm. The slim tool housing fits all different forks even with inner tapered steerer tube, e.g. Fox 38, Rockshox Zeb and Lyrik. The tool holder is spring loaded for easy access.

You’ll also get the add-on kits that allow you to carry an Air Tag or fit a bike computer in place of a stem cap.

Want to win this? Watch the video…

Make sure you’re logged in so you can see and answer the question below.

Thursday’s Winner

The winner of Day 14 (DexShell Bundle) is user Speshpaul

We’ll be in touch to get your prize sent to you but if you want to steal a march on that and help us out then email with your address, and mobile number (for the courier) now.

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  • Megasack Giveaway Day 15: Granite Designs Bike Stash RT Bundle
  • weeksy
    Full Member

    Oh yes please 🙂

    Full Member

    Er, I’m logged in but ain’t can’t not see no question, no how.

    Just me?

    Full Member

    Nice but hmm. Logged in but can’t see the question…

    Full Member

    the question is whats the question?

    Full Member

    In the absence of a question, I’m going to guess the answer is “antihistamines”

    Full Member

    no question here either but what’s the answer to non existent question?

    Full Member

    Well what a pickle! We’ll add a question, in the meantime, you can all build up some excitement about what the question may be…

    Full Member

    My answer is Madrid.

    Full Member

    Actually, I’ve change my mind, I think the answer is “a revolving bed, a gimp mask and a bucket of soapy frogs”

    Full Member

    That RT tool pop up @ 40secs

    Full Member

    The question cometh.

    And surely I win for getting the answer right before the question was asked 🙂

    Free Member

    D) then 😀

    Full Member

    That looks neat!
    And loving the video and question kerfuffle.

    Full Member

    I don’t need it now, this thread prompted me to buy one 🤠🤠🤠

    Full Member

    Surely the answer is 42.

    Full Member

    “a minute of that?” I laughed

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