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In a sort of modern version of a Spotter’s Guide, Moors For The Future has launched an app to help you learn more about the landscape around you.

The Explore Moor app helps you identify a variety of wildlife, plants and and places – handy if you see yet another little brown bird and want to know what it is. The app works offline, so you don’t need a signal, and includes images, brief descriptions, and audio files of bird calls.

As you spot featured sights and creatures, you can tick them off, and they’ll be added to the ‘My Moors’ section of the app – a feature that might serve as a sort of educational Pokemon for your kids, perhaps? ‘Come on now, we’ve got to get up this hill because there’s an excellent hill fort at the top, and after that we’re going to find some sphagnum moss’.

OK, so perhaps children may find ice cream and jelly babies more motivational, but knowing a bit more about your surroundings has been shown to help people feel connected to it. This helps encourage better stewardship, and also helps improve the quality of the experience of being in nature. It’s an all round win.

To find out more or download the app head here.

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  • See More On The Moor – new Explore Moor app
  • thenorthwind
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    Kinda like the idea of this. It’s not quite clear if it’s specific to a certain area? I’m guessing the Peak District.

    Free Member

    includes images, brief descriptions, and audio files of bird calls.

    More than one image and call? So now I can recognise which grouse is which?

    Full Member

    It covers the Peak District and South Pennines areas. Great app, ticked most of them off already (but then I do live in the middle of that area!)

    Full Member

    Article could’ve been clearer – does it cover just the Peak/Pennines as other comments?

    There are other moors!

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