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Issue 144 UK Adventure: Where the Duegars Dwell

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What’s short, hairy and lures us to the moors of Northumberland – Pete, or a Duegar? Words & Photography Pete Scullion North of Hadrian’s Wall and south of the Scottish border lies Northumberland, a land that blends the culture of its neighbours with its own, along with a solid dollop of Norse and Danish influence, courtesy of some enterprising plunderers. It’s in search of one of the lesser-known branches of this that I have met local and mountain biking legend Ian Jones and his pal Tim in Thropton which lies just down the road from the equally sleepy Rothbury in...

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  • Issue 144 UK Adventure: Where the Duegars Dwell
  • thenorthwind
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    Great to see one of my favourite local spots featured in the mag. Just in case anyone’s inspired to visit in the near future, it’s worth pointing out that the Forestry have closed off access (as in, actually fenced it off) to some of the forest recently while they’re clearing up after the storms.

    Free Member

    It is accessable from Hepple Whitefield and from Harwood village…The FC have cleared the fire roads, and no traffic is evident at the weekend…

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