DexShell Waterproof Ultrathin Socks review

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Dexshell Waterproof Ultrathin socks that are thin enough to fit inside your normal shoes – great for summer and winter in the UK.

  • Dexshell Ultrathin: £22
  • Dexshell Ultrathin Crew: £25
  • From: Upgrade Bikes

If you’re a mountain biker in the UK you need waterproof socks. Especially if you ride flat pedals. There’s every chance you need waterproof socks all year round – they’re no winter-only accessory.

Whether the water is coming at your from the sky, the ground, or both, a pair of waterproof socks can make the difference between some serious misery and comfort.

I like to ride flat pedals, so in the quest for comfortable feet I have worn a whole host of different waterproof socks. As well as the level of actual waterproofing and durability, the key challenge I find is comfort. Waterproof socks tend to be thicker than normal socks, meaning they don’t always fit into your shoes. Maybe you’re in a position to have multiple pairs of shoes: ones that fit with normal socks, ones that fit with waterproof socks, and another pair that fit with waterproof socks for when the others a drying out from the day before? That’s quite a lot of shoes.

I compound the thickness problem by preferring, in deep winter, to wear a normal or merino sock under the waterproof one. Yes, there are warm lined waterproof socks, but somehow I don’t think that’s ever quite as effective as the layering option. There’s a reason we wear base layers under jerseys under jackets.

Anyway, all of that is to say that I’m always on the lookout for a nice thin waterproof sock, and the DexShell Waterproof Ultrathin Socks are just that. They’re basically the Bamboo Dexshell socks that I reviewed before, but in different colours. More importantly, they’re now available in different lengths: there’s still the short version which I reviewed before, but there’s now a longer Dexshell Ultrathin Crew sock. The Crew sock (with yellow toes here) is only very slightly longer than the standard sock, and I would still like a slightly longer sock – not so high as a knee sock, but a bit more calf length. That would give you better overlap with waterproof or riding trousers on grim days.

Like the socks I reviewed before, thanks to the bamboo lining they’re comfortable enough to wear like normal socks, or you can layer them up for winter. And since they’re fairly thin, you don’t need a special pair of big shoes for winter.


Yes, like everything else waterproof they’ll wet through eventually with time and friction, but they’re comfortable to wear, not too bulky, and now they’re available in a length that keeps a bit more water from getting in over the tops. Flippin’ marvellous. Two wishes have been granted. Can I have a third wish of ‘longer still’, please?

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Brand: Dexshell
Product: Ultrathin Socks
Price: from £22
Tested: by Hannah for
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Hannah Dobson

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  • DexShell Waterproof Ultrathin Socks review
  • footflaps
    Full Member

    Pricing looks OK for water proof socks…

    Full Member

    How well do they wash? I had a couple of pairs of sealskins years ago but both ended up in 40C washes by mistake which ruins the membrane

    Since then just accepted warm but wet feet when conditions overwhelm waterproof boots (which is probably when waterproof socks become useless anyway

    Full Member

    Just reminded me that I need to order a couple of pairs of these (in tiny version) to help get the kids through winter

    Full Member

    Good to see. I have been a big fan of gore’s waterproof socks but they appear to be discontinued. These look cheaper.

    Full Member

    My Sealskin lookalikes from Lidl’s are still going strong after 4+ years and cost less than £10 as I remember, unfortunately never seen them in there again. I do wear them under GoreTex boots most of the time though. Which reminds me I must re-proof my boots, had the first proper rainfall in Dorset last night since I can’t remember when!

    Free Member

    I must admit to having been unimpressed by the two pairs of these that I’ve owned. Wet feet in rides that my seal skinz would have kept me dry. Maybe it was due to the length (mid on the seal skinz). Might have to try the longer style and see if that improves their performance, as they are reasonably priced.

    Full Member

    @b33k34 I wash pretty much everything at 30 deg and they’ve been fine so far. I have spoiled other socks by washing too hot though, and also by trying to rush the drying process on the top of a radiator. Then they’ve gone kind of crinkly and much less waterproof- but still better then standard socks for keeping the cold and wet at bay.

    Full Member

    Anyone else think the Decathlon site is rubbish – no sizing info etc.

    Free Member

    No only no sizing, but also no stock of the socks that were recommended. Overall a pretty useless review

    Full Member

    The seller has sold out of the socks, so the *review* is useless? Tough crowd!

    Full Member

    I had the old version of these, very good. I get the feeling that calf fit’s pretty important to stop them leaking in the top, and they aren’t warm at all, but I like ’em.

    Full Member

    I got my socks via Upgrade Bikes, who have plenty in stock:

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