TRP Trail Evo

TRP Trail Evo disc brake review

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TRP Trail Evo has a super-light lever action and impressively short throw before biting. Great for racers. If you can handle it (literally!)

  • Price: £180.00
  • Rotor weight: 242g (203mm)
  • Brake weight: 309g
  • Tested by: Benji
TRP Trail Evo
TRP Trail Evo

TRP stands for Tektro Racing Products, which perhaps gives a clue as to its intentions. Racing demands high performance and reliability, but that doesn’t have to mean bells and whistles.

These Trail Evo brakes are almost wilfully pared down. And black. None more black. There’s a reach adjust on them and… that’s it. Just plenty of straight lines and chunk, all designed to be consistent and easy to live with.

There is very much a definite and unique feel to the operation of these brakes. Essentially, there’s very little lever throw; the levers sit quite far out (even at the nearest reach setting), the action of the levers is surprisingly light and the brakes are extremely er, positive.

Some would definitely call them grabby. But after a while you get used to them and the feel comes. Basically the modulation is there, but it requires much, much less lever squeeze than a typical brake. I can see this sort of minimalist, accuracy focused input being great for racers looking to stave off fatigue on long, eyeballs-out runs.

Part of me does think that a great deal of this brake’s quirkiness could simply be solved by a lever reach system that brings the lever closer to the handlebar. It’s really tricky to be precise with your proddings when your fingers are stretched out that far. There may well be dodgy workarounds for getting the brakes to bite nearer the bar (bleeding with pistons slightly pushed out, or running narrower rotors), but in my experience these bodges don’t hold and often impair the overall power and feel.


A well-made, consistent brake that frustrates with a far-out bite point. Great for those with truly massive hands!

Review Info

Brand: TRP
Product: Trail Evo
From: Upgrade Bikes
Price: £180
Tested: by Benji for Issue 144

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