Magura MT7 Pro

Magura MT7 Pro disc brake review

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Folk who like to run their bite points really close to the grip should give the Magura MT7 Pro brake a try.

  • Price: £190.00
  • Rotor weight: 223g (203mm)
  • Brake weight: 248g
  • Tested by: Benji
Magura MT7 Pro
Magura MT7 Pro

The Magura MT7 Pro have loads of customisable features, like alternative levers so you can set these up just so, and different coloured discs for the caliper ‘eyes’, but really none of that matters. The Magura MT7 Pro in its stock out-of-the-box form is flipping ace.

What really matters on brakes is how much power there is and how it is delivered. And whether you and your weird fingers like the lever shape. I tested the MT7 Pro with the standard HC lever and I’ve chosen these brakes to put back on my bike after this test was complete.

Now then. This is not to say that it is The Best Brake. It is simply the Best Brake For Me. I like brakes with a flat profile, and relatively hooky-ended levers. I like lever reach that can be set to bite relatively near the grip sometimes. And sometimes set to bite in a more trad mid-zone. I’m funny like that. The MT7 Pro levers are quite happy being set anywhere you like and perform equally well.

I’m also a very binary braker: all or nothing, and these do the on–off thing very well. That said, these brakes will do endos with loads of feel too. You know when they bite. They bite hard upon command. Those of you who’ve experienced some Magura brakes in the past will also mainly want to know if they are still a pain to work on. While I’ve not lived with these brakes for months on end, I have bled them (post-hose trim) and… it was fine.


Definitely on the grabbier side of the spectrum and the lever shape can be polarising, but I love ’em.

Review Info

Brand: Magura
Product: MT7 Pro
From: Magura
Price: £190
Tested: by Benji for Issue 144

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