Hope Tech 4 E4

Hope Tech 4 E4 disc brake review

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The lever on these Hope Tech 4 E4 brakes is a big step up from the Tech 3 with a claimed 30% more power from a longer, more ergonomic lever.

  • Price: £175.00
  • Rotor weight: 174g (203mm)
  • Brake weight: 272g
  • Tested by: Rhys
Hope Tech 4 E4
Hope Tech 4 E4

As well as more power there’s a promise of improved integration with the modern SRAM/Shimano shifter standards that also conveniently apply to most dropper post levers. The new lever has a hinged clamp as opposed to the previous two-bolt design for easier installation onto your bars.

The reservoir area has been increased (with a fresh new logo on the top cap) and reduced the thickness of the lever.

Overall, the new Tech 4 lever is a delicious piece of precision engineering: longer, thinner and sleeker than its predecessor while retaining the easy to understand and very effective bite point and reach adjustment dials.

Internally the lever has some new sealing features and a new roller bearing pivot, all with the aim of reducing friction. This has also allowed Hope to reduce the spring force in the lever, culminating in a light lever action. The smooth movement and total lack of any wobble in the lever is very satisfying.

The light lever action initially takes a bit of getting used to, but really does translate into less hand fatigue after a few minutes of full send, brake, repeat. It also means modulation when braking over loose or slippery surfaces is excellent without the on–off feeling some brakes seem to have.

There is a little too much squish in the lever after the distinctive bite of pad engaging with disc. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but a firmer lever once the brakes are engaged would be my preference.


Performance has been excellent. When I sling the Barnoldswick anchors out before the next corner I’ve a big ‘confident-I-can-stop’ grin on my face.


Review Info

Brand: Hope
Product: Tech 4 E4
From: Hope Tech
Price: £175
Tested: by Rhys for Issue 144
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