Stone King Rally: Day 2 results, pics ‘n’ POV

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Stages five to eight would make up the biggest day of the week for riders likely still trying to dry their kit from the previous day’s downpour.

POV vid and pretty pics

Day 2: Pontechianale to Prazzo

  • 56km
  • 1,820m ascent
  • 4,810m descent

Friendly skies greeted riders as the rolled onto Italian soil for day two of Santa Cruz Stone King Rally Volume 1.

Day two opened with a “cross country loop” that could not be further from t a traditional circuit of the same name. This is the Stone king Rally, though, and nobody came all this way into the wildest of European mountains to ride XC – this first taste of Italian trails was just a warm-up for the treats to come.

Loamy forest stages would dominate, but SKR’s second day would also throw in tome high Alpine action for good measure. Weathher-wise, only a high sun would worry the riders as they worked their way up, down and around some of Europe’s most inspired, intricate and time-forgotten terrain in the mystical Occitan Valleys.

Riders had to pace themselves. Long climbs, heat, and dehydration made minds wonder. But there was little time or need to daydream: look around, focus ahead, and enjoy another sublime singletrack. Rumour has it they first discovered trail gold in this region. Today might just have proved it.

Results after Day 2

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  • Stone King Rally: Day 2 results, pics ‘n’ POV
  • Premier Icon jordan
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    Loving this, unfortunately I can only dream of being fit enough to cover that sort of distance.

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