Review: Adidas FIVE TEN Gore-Tex Trailcross

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This review featured as part of the Kit Essentials grouptest in issue 142 of Singletrack World.

Adidas Five Ten review

All-mountain meets all-weather excellence

  • Price: £160.00
  • From:
  • Tested By: Charlie

The Adidas Five Ten Gore-Tex Trailcross shoes are available in three variations: the lightweight LT, the XT with a neoprene ankle gusset to keep dirt out, and the Gore-Tex waterproof version we have here.

Are they really waterproof? An over-the-ankle neoprene gaiter combined with a Gore-Tex lining does a good job of keeping rain, puddles and spray away. Water can get over the top, obviously, however, a long waterproof trouser should close that gap down. On a multi-day winter expedition, I’d consider wearing these with a waterproof sock for full-on, comprehensive coverage. Living with them, and getting in and out, is a cinch as there is a simple and familiar lace up, with the addition of a big Velcro tab on the ankle gaiter.

The ride is excellent, with a midsole that is more clingy than an octopus with separation anxiety. The toe and heel have a contrasting crossways tread to prevent you slipping and crashing when not actually on the bike. It is great to see sturdy rubber walls all the way around the toe area and down both sides.

Adidas not only offers three variations of this shoe (ranging from California to Calderdale), it also has a whopping range of sizes from a UK size 4 to 14.5. Most people will be unaware that availability in many ranges tops out at a UK 11, so it is very refreshing to see shoes from the Crusty The Clown end of the spectrum.

Pedal traction was pleasingly still as good as any Stealth rubber-ed Five Ten. They offer a familiar stuck-on sensation; not quite as all-out gluey as the Impact Pro, but certainly on a par with the Freerider Pro.

The overall stiffness of the bottom of the shoe has been judged about right. They are pretty much in the mid-range of stiffness; not as feely as supple skate-shoe designs but also not as wooden as premium racier shoes. Overall, they offer an appropriate mix of feel and fatigue-fending.

Review Info

Brand: Five Ten
Product: Gore-Tex Trailcross
Price: £160
Tested: by Charlie for 12 months
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