Singletrack Magazine Issue 141 Bonus Content: Great British Divide – Chris Hinds’ Day By Day Diary

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Bonus content! This is Chris Hinds’ full diary from his Great British Divide 2021. We’ve used a lot of images to try and illustrate the enormity and repetition of the ride, so you’ll likely find this article is best viewed on a desktop or laptop, rather than your phone. Day 1 Canterbury I could have done with more sleep but pre-race anxiety and the late night partying of Canterbury have done their best to prevent that. The day doesn’t get much better when I head down to breakfast to find that the chef’s done a runner and it’s the hotel...

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  • Singletrack Magazine Issue 141 Bonus Content: Great British Divide – Chris Hinds’ Day By Day Diary
  • Premier Icon DezB
    Free Member


    Premier Icon Michael
    Full Member

    Loved this, much better lunchtime reading than the daily mail. Thanks for the bump dez old bean.
    lol@ The Borders has some truly superb mountain biking trails, unfortunately our route goes absolutely nowhere near any of them.

    I joined some of the riders last year when they went through my area and rode with them for an hour or so. It was great 😄

    Premier Icon Steve
    Full Member

    Bump for people like me who missed it yesterday

    Premier Icon John B
    Full Member

    The best article I have read for ages. Huge respect for the level of suffering these people put themselves through.

    Premier Icon didnthurt
    Full Member

    Loved it, Really gets across the enormity of the race and the achievement of completing (and winning) it.

    Would love to read a post ride write up with how Chris recovered and now reflects on his achievement.

    A full kitlist with breakdown would be appreciated too.

    Premier Icon Ferris
    Full Member

    Two coffees later I have finished reading this. Great article on a great challenge well done. Makes me think my 300k audax this weekend with a cold is doable.

    Agree with the above, a post ride and recovered reflection would be lovely, but I guess you have sold all your bikes and kit now and taken up darts?!

    Premier Icon Paul
    Full Member

    Mid way through reading this and had to stop and say…

    OMG those feet. 😱

    Great read and can’t begin to imagine the monumental effort that goes into doing these races.

    Premier Icon tiim
    Full Member

    Great read. Great pics. Not entirely selling the ride!

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