Stanton Celebrates 10 Years With Slackine Ti 10th Anniversary Edition

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Stanton is celebrating a big birthday with some shiny titanium loveliness. Maybe you’ve got a big birthday that needs marking with a new bike? Seems like the perfect excuse to us…

From Stanton:

The Slackline is the OG of the Stanton range. Dan’s very first frame in 2011 and where it all started for Stanton Bikes. Now in its 3rd generation the Slackline is simply the best version of this classic frame we’ve ever created. It’s a bike that truly lets you play with the trail and is very much ‘the rider’s ride’. The choice for customers who’ve been there, ridden that, and are just looking for maximum enjoyment every time they go out. Because if it’s not fun then what’s the point?

We didn’t want to let the year slip by without marking the occasion so we’ve created something a bit special – the Slackline Ti 10th Anniversary Special. A stunning frame featuring our uniquely-crafted, aerospace-grade, triple-butted Titanium tubing and made that little bit more special with a unique 10th Anniversary decal scheme. Featuring an anniversary decal on the top tube and heritage wrap in white ceramic Cerakote finish (normally a £100 option).

Even better we’re handing out the pressies with 10% off the normal price of a Ti frame until the end of this anniversary year. You’ll see the 10th Anniversary frame as an option on the ‘Build’ dropdown menu on the product page. Not only that but we’ll include a specially created Slackline Ti Blasted Grey t-shirt with every order!

This limited offer is on until the end of December 2021, so if you’re keen go get the fun! As usual with us, if you’ve any questions or special requirements just get in touch. Head on over to the Stanton site for the full details and to get you order in!

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  • Stanton Celebrates 10 Years With Slackine Ti 10th Anniversary Edition
  • pmurden
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    Oh me oh my. I’ve just sold the road bike too.

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    missed a marketing trick.. shoulda called it the StanTen slackline 🙂

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    Nice as always from Stanton.

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    what exactly is their ‘heritage wrap’?

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