Showers Pass Refuge Waterproof Trousers

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These are not trousers for packing just in case. These are trousers for when the weather forecast says no, but circumstances insist that you ride. Rather voluminous in the thighs and bum with substantial reflective Velcro straps on the calves to cinch these up tight, they’re not going to win you any fashion awards. But there’s substance over style here – the tough three-layer fabric with a reinforced bum will keep you dry when you need to stay that way.

Eventually in the foulest of weather and with a lot of sitting and grinding in the wet and grit I’ve found that the bum does get a little damp, but it’s a far cry from being properly wet. I did fall off and crash in them on rocky ground, creating a small hole which I would love to fix as it lets in a surprising amount of cold water – but it’s a small hole and has stayed that way, rather than being the sort of huge tear you can get in thinner fabrics.

The calf straps prevent flappiness around your cranks, and they stay in place better than I’ve experienced on other trousers with smaller Velcro arrangements. The high waist gives plenty of overlap with your jacket, even when leaning forward on the bike. I didn’t find the pocket useful – it weighed down the oversized thighs – and I’ve never been sweaty enough to want the zippered vents, but they are there.

These aren’t super sweaty to ride in, but their bulk does mean that you probably only want to wear them when you really need them – or when you’re on an e-bike, where it’s pretty easy to make yourself as comfortable as you like. Consequently I reach for these on any vaguely unpleasant day where I’m riding an e-bike. They’d also be on my packing list for foul commutes, pre-booked uplift days where the weather is so horrible you wish for free cancellations, and winter multi-day rides into the back of beyond where reliable waterproofing might make the difference between a dangerous incident and a safe return home.

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