Winning Runs Snowshoe DH World Cup Two

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Did you catch the final round of the UCI DH World Cup? Round two in Snowshoe was the last race of the season, and it didn’t disappoint. There were some surprises and close calls, crashes and tight margins. There was some definite drama.

The racing was so tight, that’s the thing about the finals when you think it’s won someone swoops in and claims their spot on the hot seat. The final few men were so tense, it was edge of your seat stuff. As for the women’s category, it was an unlucky time for Myriam Nicole. In both rounds she was on to one hell of a run, she was so close to the win and the overall but it wasn’t to be.

Here are the winning runs and two very deserving winners. When you ride on the edge and take down some very tough competition, you need to savour the win. Obviously, there are spoilers below, so if you haven’t seen it and want to watch the replay look away now. If you haven’t watched it, definitely check out the replay, it was such a good race.

The UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup grande finale was nothing short of a spectacle on two wheels. Thousands of fans lining up the track in Snowshoe saw the world’s finest battle each other for one last time in 2021. In the end it was Vali Holl who took the win in the women’s race and Loic Bruni who dominated the men’s. Both riders also claimed the overall titles for the season.

Red Bull Bike



  1. Loic Bruni – 3:13.379
  2. Troy Brosnan – 3:13.800
  3. Angel Suarez Alonso – 3:14.010
  4. Amaury Pierron – 3:14.154
  5. Luca Shaw – 3:14.707
Loic Bruni
Loic Bruni celebrates at UCI DH World Cup in Snowshoe. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool


  1. Vali Holl -3:39.679
  2. Marine Cabirou – 3:39.935
  3. Camille Balanche – 3:45.100
  4. Tahnee Seagrave – 3:46.236
  5. Nina Hoffmann – 3:46.948
Vali Holl
Vali Holl celebrates at UCI DH World Cup in Snowshoe. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

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