The Pole Voima gets Upgrades

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Launched in June, the Pole Voima has already undergone some changes, and Pole promise it’s for the better. Now upgraded with Bosch’s new Performance Line drive unit and PowerTube battery they’ve also made some changes to the frame.

The bike is available to preorder at the special introductory price of €5490 for the frameset and €8490 for a full build. Thanks to updates to technology they have been able to make upgrades. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Pole Voima

Since launching the new Voima e-bike in June, we have been a little overwhelmed by the response. It’s pretty amazing and humbling to know that so many people can appreciate great design and be as excited about a bike as we are. Breaking the mould is what we do best and we’ve done it again with the Voima. 

Pole Bikes

The Voima was in development for two years, and now thanks to new developments the bike has been upgraded to offer the new Bosch Smart System.

Voima Upgrades

  • Updated Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit
  • NEW Bosch 750wh PowerTube 750 battery
  • NEW Bosch E-Bike Flow App
  • Bosch Global Service Network
  • An integrated seat clamp
  • Three bottle cage mounts
  • LED handlebar-mounted remote
  • Potential to use a battery extender
  • ISCG-05 mount
  • Suspension kinematics that works perfectly with a motor
  • Elevated chainstays for less chain slap and ease of use
  • SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger
  • The only 7075-T6 aluminum-framed e-bike in the world
  • An exclusive Pole suspension platform and design.
  • Double bearing links

The press release reads:

Bosch Smart System

A newly refined version of the Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit with a NEW 750wh Powertube 750. 

With 85 Nm of torque, the new motor enables powerful acceleration after tight turns and obstacles at a low cadence and facilitates starting on an incline. The motor also provides support with high cadences for fast sprints too. The New PowerTube 750 gets you even further on the trail! With a 20% greater range than the previous PowerTube 625, it’s ideal for long and demanding rides.

Along with enormous mileage, a long service life, and reliable handling the lithium-ion battery is also equipped with a battery management system that protects the battery cells from overload.

With service at the forefront of many customers’ minds, Bosch also offers a global, professional network of service centers for all of its products.

Three bottle cage mounts

Following in the footsteps of their other CNC’d brother the Stamina, we have managed to integrate enough space for three water bottles on the Voima frame. So whether you need a full three bottles of water on your ride, or two and a tool kit, the Voima gives you the possibilities to choose your way. All bottle mounts are Fidlock compatible also.

Battery compartment on the underside of the downtube

With a higher capacity battery, the question of how to fit a larger cell into the frame was raised. Although fitting a battery to the topside of the downtube made sense in the beginning for weatherproofing, the new battery design is sufficiently protected from the trail elements on its own. With that in mind and a requirement for more space to include a full range of frame sizes, the Voima now has the battery compartment on the underside of the downtube. Which has other benefits too.

Potential to use a battery extender

With the space now available on the top side of the downtube, there is not only the potential for three water bottles or tool storage but also the addition of a battery range extender! And why not? More is More after all. With the repositioning of the battery compartment and new and easier cable routing, the location of the charging port has been relocated to near the bottom of the seat tower. This has no impact on the frame design or the functionality over the original placement near the headtube. In fact, we think it looks better in its new location.

For more, head to the Pole website.

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  • The Pole Voima gets Upgrades
  • Premier Icon oldfart
    Full Member

    Interesting stuff, are they working on a shorter travel version maybe 27.5 do you know?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    C3PO called – he wants his bike back.

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    “It’s pretty amazing and humbling to know that so many people can appreciate great design”

    Yep, they seem humble when talking about how great their design is

    Premier Icon Tom Howard
    Full Member

    I don’t suppose there’s any eye bleach being stored in those 3 bottle cage mounts?

    Premier Icon endomick
    Free Member

    Still looks horrendous, not only can you polish a turd but gold plate it too.😀

    Premier Icon I_Am_Sparticus
    Free Member

    Holy hell, even for an e-bike, that has been beaten viciously with every ugly stick the designers could find.

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