Midweek Movies La Thuile EWS

Midweek Movies: The La Thuile EWS Edition

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There’s lots of really good content from La Thuile, so this week’s Midweek Movies is full of that. The EWS doesn’t get the attention it deserves sometimes. It’s hard to be as connected when we can’t tune in live, but it doesn’t mean that what the riders are taking on, and producing isn’t impressive. To ride the amount they do at the level they do is no easy feat. The distance, the level of technical difficulty, the sheer amount of riding they do, it’s all pretty amazing.

So, without delay here’s a look at some of the happenings from La Thuile. Can’t really believe it’s Wednesday already! Make sure you treat yourself to a little break for some midweek movies at some point today.

Canyon: EWS La Thuile 2021 | UNCOOKED

Raw footage from the Canyon riders with some pretty sweet lines and flat out action.

Raw and uncooked footage of the Canyon CLLCTV EWS team in La Thuile, Italy! Jack Moir takes the win at Round 4!

Canyon Bikes

RAW Enduro Riding from EWS La Thuile – Team CRC

More raw, because who doesn’t enjoy a bit of raw footage. It’s like standing there trackside and being able to watch in person.

Raw enduro action from Team CRC as they take on rounds 3 and 4 of the 2021 Enduro World Series, in La Thuile.

Team CRC

Winning run! Enduro World Series La Thuile Stage 2 POV | Jack Moir

Jack is on fire! Great to see him take the win up against some tough competition. Here’s a look at his winning run on stage two, complete with an appearance from a helicopter.

Winning Gopro run from Enduro World Series La Thuile stage 2 (La Joux). This was a wild ride with the helicopter flying in front of me up top. Had only ridden that section 1 time during practice a few days before and it was hard to remember exactly where it went, especially with the tape all over the shop.

Jack Moir

Jesse Melamed’s Favourite Race Stage

Jesse corners like something else. The speed is just madness. Imagine riding this flat out for almost nine minutes! So fast and flowy.

Wyn TV | EWS 2021 – La Thuile Race 2

Here’s Wyn doing his thing at the second race of the EWS in La Thuile. Always a highlight to see him make a privateers day with a cheque! Awesome to see the privateer award get support from the other riders too. Wyn interviewing Jack is always something special too. Want to know what happened in La Thuile? Wyn Masters has the answers.

It’s Wyn TV from round 4 of the EWS and the second race of a doubleheader in La Thuile. Wyn Masters checks in to see who kept it clean on the day and hands out the Privateer of the week award!

GT Bicycles

Wet and Wild for EWS Round 3 in La Thuile

For the first race of the EWS in La Thuile the weather was pretty wet. Greg Callaghan talks us through his set up, the race and how good the riding is. Dive in and get an idea of what an EWS looks like from Greg’s perspective.

Round 3 in the cloudy mountains of La Thuile, practice in the dry and then the race came. Torrential rain overnight on Wednesday meant the tracks were unpredictable, dry in some places, wet and greasy in others.

Greg Callaghan

Here are the results from race one, and from race two.

POV with EWS Race Winner Hattie Harnden

It’s Wyn TV Time: La Thuile EWS Race One

Bike Check: Joe Connell’s Orange Stage 6 with prototype dual crown Formula fork

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    Loving the videos going up at the moment so please keep it up if you can? These guys n gals skills are just next level imo and isn’t it great to have racing back!!!!

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