Adaptive MTB DH Racing Comes To BC

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Adaptive mountain bikes are getting ever more capable, and are a far cry from the off road wheelchairs that were previously available to those hoping to explore the trails. With such capability comes improvements in handling, the ability to tackle a wider range of trails, and speed. So racing seems a natural progression in adaptive MTB development, and we’re pleased to hear that the Dunbar Series in BC will be including an Adaptive category.

So far as we and the Bowhead Bikes crew are aware, this is the first time there’s been an adaptive MTB category within a DH Series. Adam Price, Bowhead’s Media Manager (and lucky Englishman in BC) explains:

‘The trails in BC are gnarly. It’s rough technical up there with some of the World’s best tracks. But we hope to see more events like this. The new Bowhead RX crank bike is a great Enduro bike would be amazing to see this bike at some enduro events in the future. Shout out to David Horvath who has been at the Mega Avalanche on a Bowhead.’

Yes, you are correctly spotting some Hope components!

It won’t just be Bowhead Bikes in the race, and for now it’ll be just one category for all ages, genders and bike styles of adaptive racer, though if the future shows a need and demand this could evolve. The category was opened up to 15 riders this year and there are 11 entries so far. Each rider will have a chaperone following behind, to assist if needed – though by the looks of the video they may be pushing hard to keep up!

Bowhead riders Cole Bernier and Landon McGauley went to check out the course and see whether it would be suitable for the event.

Take in the views before you start racing?
A water feature!
Are roots any less scary on three wheels?

We love this approach of integrating the adaptive race into an existing series – creating an opportunity for all riders to hang out, cheer each other on, appreciate their skills and nerd out over bikes. Which is half the point of racing, right? Winning isn’t everything!

Inspired? Awed? Curious? Check out our podcast with Christian Bagg, Bowhead’s founder, for more information on the Bowhead bike range, or head to the Dunbar Series website for race information.

Dunbar Summer Series:

  • July 16-18 Fernie Canada Cup / BC Cup
  • July 20-21 Panorama Canada Cup / BC Cup
  • July 23-25 Kicking Horse Canadian Nationals

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    This is cool. I’ve seen a couple of videos of people riding Bowheads (mostly Martyn Ashton I think!) and wondered what a purpose-built track would look like, but I guess they are pretty adaptable to racing most trails! Still wonder if you could build drops and jump take-offs differently though, like builders do for bike parks, dirt jumps, bmx tracks etc to get a “perfect track” – would be great to see.

    This is brilliant news, let’s hope the racing is great!

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