Restrap Handlebar Bags: Two Convenient Carriers

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Earlier this year I began looking for handlebar bag solutions for carrying a compact camera on rides that I could gain quick, easy access to. In the hunt for the perfect handlebar bag, I discovered just how useful they can be.

Restrap Canister Bag

Hoop for a light on the front

The Restrap Canister handlebar bag is a 1.5l capacity Nylon bag that conveniently sits out front carrying your essentials, and easy access snacks.

Neat, and fits in seconds

Fitting the bag is simple, and feels like a well considered solution for a temporary bag, meaning I’ll happily remove the entire thing after a ride to go and sort the contents out in the warmth of my house instead of in the garage. It also means you can dry it out for the next use without much faffing. There are two straps roughly 10cm apart, tensioned by pulling them tight and clipping the buckles down. For a more secure fit and to protect your bars from the fabric rubbing, there are two foam stoppers. If you attach the bag right, it doesn’t move when riding.

My best haul: 500ml beer, banana, Clif Bloks, Trek Bar, Mini pump, multitool, iPhone 12 Pro, keys, buff, windproof jacket

The capacity is deceiving. I think the shape of this bag really makes the most of the 1.5l, because it’s up to you to negotiate oddly shaped items. The bag itself doesn’t restrict because it’s just a vast canister shape.

There are elasticated side pockets to stuff smaller items that you’d like handy, or in my case, energy bar wrappers ready for the next available bin. The top is sealed with a sturdy, weatherproof YKK zip with a big orange cord pull so you can easily grab it with gloves on. I’ve had no issues getting into this bag whilst riding, obviously just on the smoother flat sections, but it’s easy enough to grab your phone to take a photo of your mates, or a cute farm animal you’re passing.

Restrap Tech Bag

Mounts front or back, but it’s really useful in this position

The Tech Handlebar Bag is a 1.2l roll top design that is completely waterproof. It attaches to the bar and has a strap on your forks to secure it in position. It fits any bike, and I’ve found it incredibly useful to transfer between mine when I know it has all the tools and bits that I need.

The shape and/or closing mechanism of this bag seems to reduce the capacity. Going down to a narrow seam at the bottom means you need to be strategic with your packing, putting smaller items in first, if you plan to really make full use of the 1.2l. If you just put the essentials in, it’s one of the handiest designs I’ve used. Zips can be fiddly with gloves on, and especially when moving, but you can one-handedly get in this bag in seconds.

Don’t be tempted to overfill!

The Tech Bag is 100% waterproof. The inner lining is waterproof and the outer nylon lining adds another layer of protection.

Vegan friendly PU


The Restrap Canister handlebar bag is really deceiving. It seems to fit as much as a small backpack, so if you have a bottle cage for your drink and don’t want anything on your person, this is great. The Tech Bag is perfect for wet weather, keeping your phone and cakes dry. It’s good for gaining access to things mid-ride, even at speed on a blast down the road.

Review Info

Brand: Restrap
Product: Canister and Tech Bag
Price: £44.99, £34.99
Tested: by Amanda for 3 months
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