2021 Evil Offering – The 150/140mm Hooligan 29er Rad Machine

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The 2021 Evil Offering is here – and the marketing blurb says ‘All hail, the Dark Lord of Singletrack’ so we’d better sit up and pay attention, eh? The Offering is just that big chunkier and slacker than the Following MB, a bike we’ve reviewed positively in the past. Like the newest Evil Following launched this spring, though, the Offering has had a tweak of geometry and a steepening of seat angle, along with a move to SuperBoost Plus, 157mm rear spacing. This should allow plenty of room for chunky rubber and mud at the same time.

So, what does Evil say about this new bike? There’s all new geometry, a steeper seat tube, 42mm offset forks, internal cable routing, a longer reach and 157mm Superboost. Oh, and it comes in two colours: ‘Blackout Drunk’ which is a satin black and ‘Wasabi Shadow’ which is almost black too.

There’s still the same single pivot DELTA suspension system, designed by Dave Weagle, which does a great job at offering a bottomless feel from ‘only’ 140mm of rear travel. The recommended fork travel is 150mm, but a 160mm fork is also possible. The suspension linkage has two settings ‘Low’ and ‘Lower’, which will alter the BB height as well as the angles. With sizes on offer from Small to XL, Evil reckons it can fit anyone from 5ft 3in to 6ft 4in and beyond. A medium, for example is suggested for riders 5ft 6in to 6ft and in ‘X-Low’ setting offers angles of 65.8°/76.8° and a reach of 469mm. BB height is 339mm.

There are frame-only options, as well as full builds, starting at £5,849 for the SRAM Eagle GX build.

Frame – £3,249.99

GX Hydra: £5,849.99 

  • SRAM EagleGX 
  • Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT Debonair 
  • Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate (150mm) 

XT Hydra: £6,199.99 

  • Shimano XT 
  • Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT Debonair 
  • Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate (150mm) 

X01 Hydra: £6,899.99 

  • SRAM X01 Eagle 
  • Rockshox Deluxe Ultimate RCT Debonair 
  • Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate (150mm) 

XTR Hydra: £6,999.99 

  • Shimano XTR 
  • Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT Debonair 
  • Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate (150mm) 

AXS Hydra: £7,799.99 (above)

  • Rockshox Deluxe Ultimate RCT Debonair 
  • Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate (150mm) 

Interested to find out more? There’s all the info up on the Evil website now. Or perhaps you’d just like to watch a video and dream about some sweet-smelling pine-needley forest floor…

For more info, head over to Evil’s European website here: https://eu.evil-bikes.com/a/bikes/offering

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Comments (8)

    Great vid. Nice looking bike too.

    Ah superboost hello my old friend you’re back I see.

    Nice video but SuperBoost can do one!

    And how is the seat tube angle steeper? Geo chart shows the same 76/77. Unless Evil are admitting their previous claimed angle wasn’t accurate.

    gah – left front brake routing hurts my eyes when done like that

    So… Not a single decent side shot to avoid confirming the STA is **** up as always?

    They didn’t give me a side-on shot, @slimshady, sorry. I’ve asked for one.

    “And how is the seat tube angle steeper? Geo chart shows the same 76/77. Unless Evil are admitting their previous claimed angle wasn’t accurate.”

    Previously 76/77 was with a 140mm fork, not its with a 150mm fork. So it’s a degree’ish steeper.

    Thing is, that’s because they’ve adjusted the geo for a 10mm longer fork. Several ways of doing that. If Evil had actually steepened the STA by a degree it would show up that the reach had grown faster than the top tube length. To be fair it has, but only by a third of what it should for a degree steeper. #nitpicking

    Anyway, given Evil’s older bikes and some in the current lineup I wouldn’t trust a thing they say on seat angles. Maybe if they could provide the reference saddle heights for each size like Transition now do?

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