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Singletrack Magazine has always prided itself on the quality of its photographs and the skills of its contributors. In a time where a truly incredible photo can appear in a media feed and be scrolled past after just a glance, we feel printed media is more important than ever. A chance to take in the photo, learn about the situation, and be drawn into the moment, much like a good book.

Here is your chance to celebrate some great riding photography and illustration. With modern phones making everyone able to achieve a good photo, we owe the photographers some recognition for the shots they’ve hauled a camera bag up a mountain for. The shots that left their fingers numb. The moments that will stay with them forever, and remain in print on coffee tables and bookshelves around the world, thanks to our subscribers.

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Pete Scullion, Norwegian Glacier

What makes a great riding photo? Colour balance, the rule of thirds, dynamic rider, scenery, a great story behind it? Well here we have all of that and more. In issue 129 Pete Scullion headed up the Folgefonna Glacier in Norway with hosts Will and Klara from Any Excuse to Ride, and Lachlan Blair of Hazzard Racing.

Soon, we’ve bedrock and erratics to deal with between ever-decreasing amounts of frozen water in all its forms. High on the shoulder of the mountain, the glacier has left plenty to navigate as it has retreated. Finally, we can get to riding bikes rather than being passengers across a vast sea of ice. That’s not to say the going is easy. As the ice gives way to rock, the bamboo markers become harder to pick out and the trail is whatever you make across this giant slab, littered with boulders in every size from ‘hand’ to ‘house’.

Eyes up, pick a line, and make it stick. The footsteps across the snow vanish and we’re left to weave our way through house-sized rocks as best we can. Riding styles come to the fore as each one of us knows what we can and can’t negotiate. Lachlan proves that his list of what he can’t ride is pretty short

Folgefonna Sunrise, Pete Scullion

With a lack of sleep and extreme temperatures against him, Pete still managed to document the trip so brilliantly that the entire feature is just incredible. Huge icy landscapes, sunrise, calm, playful riding and as pictured above – the perfect moment of the sun piercing through Lachlan’s front wheel.

Stormstatic Lockdown Cover

Testing times call for desperate measures. There’s no denying Singletrack Magazine has a close relationship with its subscribers and forum users, we’re practically family. So as we all struggled to adjust to our lives being restricted and threatened in 2020, it seemed like a good opportunity reach out and show that we’re listening. We admire your pizza oven build. Your van conversion looks great. Your patio could do with weeding, but that’s a great shot of your clean bike…

Taking the broad content of the Singletrack Forum and fitting it into an illustration suitable for a cover is not an easy task, and it wasn’t a walk in the park for Graeme Stewart, AKA Stormstatic. He had to stalk the forum, make sense of Sudocrem Cat, get to know the readers, and then translate that chaotic mess of information into this utterly brilliant illustration.

Graeme is a freelance photographer that seems to be able to adapt to anything requested of him whilst still keeping his signature style. He has done work for Banana Industries, Revolution Bike Park, Ard Rock Enduro and many more. Many audiences, many requests, all juggled together whilst working from home.

Grant Gunderson Cover: Issue 133

Britney White riding the Cutthroat trail

That cover is stunning – even my 18 year old who isn’t often impressed was moved to agree with me that it is fabulous.

@thesafaririch – Twitter

A crisp autumn day in North Cascades of Washington State near the town of Mazama, on a trail known for its colourful Larch trees. Grant Gunderson has managed to capture Britney White powering a cloud of dust out of the trail as she rides through the glorious autumn colours. This photo has received so much great feedback, for many reasons. Aside from the obvious colours popping and inspiring trail, we’ve received thanks for regularly including female riders both inside and on the cover of the magazine – though we don’t actually set out to do so.

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