Julbo Quickshift MTB Goggles | 2 Modes, 1 Pair of Goggles

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James tries out the Julbo Quickshift MTB Goggles – will he be glad of the protection they give his eyes?

Ever since I was about 7 or 8, I’ve worn glasses (-5.75 in both eyes on my last test, thanks genetics) and when I’m riding I wear contact lenses. Pretty much always have done, simply because I hate things covering my eyes when they don’t have to. It makes a nice change to have unrestricted vision, to not peer grimly at the world through smudged lenses, and riding in the Lake District I rarely have much need to keep flying mud out of my eyes. Thus, until Ross handed me these Julbo Quickshift MTB Goggles, I’ve generally eschewed the use of any eyewear when mountain biking, let alone goggles. So without further ado let’s strap these fine French fancies to my face and see how I get on… 

Julbo Quickshift MTB Goggles
Julbo QuickShift MTB Goggles with Cat S2 Lenses

Lens see what we’ve got here

The Quickshift MTB goggles are the first mountain biking specific goggles from French eyewear manufacturer Julbo, and their USP is the quick release, removable magnetic sections on the underside of the goggles, otherwise known as the Switch Air System. This is designed to improve ventilation and prevent the goggles from fogging up. The Quickshift goggles come with two sets of lenses – a medium category S2 lens for all round use, and a clear category 0 lens for darker conditions. As is pretty much the norm these days, both polycarbonate lenses are double layer and are super easy to switch out. Keeping the googles strapped to my face, is a nice fat pinkish red (or is it reddish pink?) elasticated strap with a rubberised strip to stop things from sliding about.

Julbo Quickshift MTB Goggles
Switch Air System in place

Looking good so far

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    Julbo makes a much better goggle for this purpose, the Superflow.
    The entire lens pops away from the frame, creating airflow all around. No pieces to loose, no discomfort, and easy to switch between modes for climbing and descending.

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