Audi Nines Freeride Video – Ski, Snowboard and Bike

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Forget that this is actually Audi marketing, because this ski, snowboard and bike freeride video is worth a watch.

With a healthy dose of self awareness and parody, it balances a heap of shots of people doing epic things with enough humour to make it fun to watch rather than a sensory onslaught of awe. You’re encouraged to watch it on a big screen to do the cinematography justice, but frankly the smooth sculpted jumps alone are an art form worthy of full appreciation. Shame they had to stick rings everywhere to promote the sponsors.

Combining snowboard, ski and mountain bike segments, this freeride video gives those of us who think ‘gulp, why would you try that?’ a taste of why. If you’re looking to hear ‘stoke’ today, then the cheering of the riders, skiers and boarders as they land a trick or manage to coordinate timing just right for the shot they wanted is just that.

The huge motocross style jump at the MTB site is pretty crazy – the picture above looks like some kind of model diorama from a World Fair in 1950, not a real thing.

The press release from Audi gives some explanation about the purpose of the film, you can decide if the brief has been met:

Like, comment, subscribe, follow me…. Is this really what it’s all comes down to? There are definitely times when it feels like social media is dominating life, but this wasn’t always the case. The documentary “Nothing Quite Like It” offers a unique perspective on what continues to drive athletes at the Audi Nines to do what they do.

Audi Nines – which started in 2008 as a freeski only programme – gave freeskiers, snowboarders and riders the opportunity to design some giant playground to play in, and this is the result. We’re not seeing a cafe with supplies of tea and cake, or an onsite woodfired pizza van. Perhaps they could use a little help with future designs?

Some of the lines and shadows in the snow shots are like something from an architecture showcase.

Where’s the nursery slope? And the sledge hire?

Seems like no one noticed the UFO crash site, they were too busy being stoked. Maybe that’s why that driver didn’t see you, the stoke was high?

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