Making Up The Numbers Podcast | Matt Simmonds and Todd Schumlick

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The new race season is nearly upon us, which means our elite squad of racers on the MakingUpTheNumbers team is reaching peak form and putting the finishing touches to their pre season training. We’re reliably informed that Binners can now open a bottle of wine at the same time as changing a tyre, while George is rumoured to have signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with the local pie shop.

Taking time out from his busy schedule of helmet testing, George has entered the podcast studio for the first of this year’s Making Up The Numbers Podcasts. He’s joined by World Cup regular, Jack Reading, Privateer rider Matt Simmonds, and Intense Factory Racing Manager, Todd Schumlick.

The podcast may contain some strong language & adult themes. If you’ve got young children around maybe save it until they’ve gone to bed. If you really don’t like bad words this pod probably isn’t for you.

Skip to the end of this story for the latest podcast, and stay tuned this season for more of George’s race reports, and a whole series of podcasts to come.

If you’re into racing, want to hear how the pros get the most out of their practice runs, or to understand how you can lose just by thinking the wrong way, then listen back to the first series of Making Up The Numbers podcasts, here:

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