Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review

Granite Design STASH Multi-Tool Review – A Mini tool that slides in a tube

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Granite Design’s STASH multi-tool is an in head tube solution to trail tool convenience, and it’s easy to fit and cheap to buy.

It’s easy to go out for ride have a mechanical and then realise you haven’t got a multi-tool with you. Well, at least it has been for me. Either I simply forget to pack one, or I assume I still have one in my bag, only to discover it isn’t there when I need it most.

So one way of ensuring you have a tool with you at all times is to stash one inside your bike. Various manufacturers are offering solutions that either has a simple strap to attach to your bike to more integrated ideas that house tools in your handlebar or steerer.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
A tiny little tool that hides inside a tube.

Granite Design offers tool solutions for both ends of your handlebar, but the model I’ll focus on for this review is the Granite Design STASH multi-tool. This £49.95 tool neatly hides away in your steerer tube and can be fitted to your bike with no special tools in just a few minutes.

Granite Designs STASH Multi-Tool – What is it?

Originally spotted at Eurobike 2019, the Granite Design STASH multi-tool is a mini trail tool that is designed to hide away in the steerer tube of your fork.

It’s not a new idea, but Granite Design, designed the STASH so that it is easy to fit and you’re not required to purchase special tools or additional compatible components. Usually, if you think of a tool that hides away in your steerer you mind would conjure up the One Up EDC. The One Up is the most recognisable steerer tube tool system on the market but the original version required owners to buy a special tool and tap a thread inside their steerer tube. Although One Up has changed the design so you don’t need to tap your fork, you’re now required to purchase a compatible stem, making it quite a costly add on.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
A tool cradle at the top, fork bung below, and a bolt holding it all together.

Granite Designs has got around this by making a system that not only retains your tool but also replaces the star nut in your steerer to add pre-load to the headset bearings. This does mean if you install this on a set of forks with a star nut you’ll have to remove it, but on the other hand, a new set of forks won’t need a fiddly start nut installed in the first place.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
You STASH Multi-Tool lives here.

The STASH Multi-tool is made up of a tool carrier and the tool. The carrier is a CNC machined alloy insert that sits in the top of your steerer. The carrier or cradle then fastens to a plug that inserts to the bottom end of your steerer.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
Fork plug comes in sizes for tapered and straight steerer tubes.

Granite Designs ships the system with a lower plug to suit either straight or tapered steerers. Keeping the two sections together, and adding pre-load to your headset is a long bolt. Again, 2 lengths are supplied to suit different length steerers.

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Installation is simple. On a new fork, cut the steerer to length. Fit to you bike as normal then insert the to ends of the carrier and tighten them up. A long 5mm key goes in through the top while a 6mm key prevents the lower section spinning.

It’s the same for a fork that you already have fitted, only you might have to tap your star nut out first if you have one fitted.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
The STASH Multi-Tool presses in the top.

Once installed the STASH multi-tool can be pressed in the top. The tool is held in place by the friction of an O ring, this also keeps moisture and debris out. A plastic top cap makes removing and pressing the tool back in easy to manage even with gloves on.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
Top cap, tool, and spoke key.

The multi-tool features 8 useful tools to keep you rolling. The foldout design has 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Allen keys, a T25 torx and a flathead screwdriver. There is also a handy built-in spoke key and valve removal tool too. On its own, the tool weighs in at just 57g while the complete assembly weighs in at only 135g.

Granite Design STASH Multi-Tool – Impressions

With the STASH installed I’m now never without at least one tool and because Granite Design also offers a chain tool and a tubeless repair tool, that both slide in the ends of your bars you can be sure to have what you need when you need it.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
Almost everything you could need.

The small size and weight makes the STASH great for any bike from freeride hucker to weight weenie XC build and the tools included are enough to solve all but the biggest of trail fixes. Remember also that if your pedals use an 8mm key then the STASH won’t be large enough should one come loose.

Points to note. Due to the small size, and because Granite Design wanted to ensure each tool had enough material around the hinge, each bit pivots slightly offset. Because of this, you’ll find that each tool has to be folded away before unfolding the opposite one, otherwise, the hinges hit and prevent full extension. This is not an issue in the slightest, but something to keep in mind.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
Good quality for a low-price.

Another point is the spoke key. Because of it’s slim design it’s not the most comfortable to use if your nipples are overly tight. Of course this is a tool to get you home, not for major work in the garage, but again keep it in mind.

When it comes to trail repairs of fixes, the only real limitation comes if you have to adjust a brake calliper on the trail. The short tool bit lengths make it tricky to clear the calliper body, but as a get you back riding or get you home tool, the STASH does most of what you would need.

Granite Design STASH Multi Tool review
So small you could loose it… if it didn’t live in your steerer.

Over my time using the STASH the bits have retained their shape, and I’ve not had any issue with rounding off bolts. The O ring has become less tight, but the tool stays in place, and because it’s just an O ring, this is easy enough to replace should it wear too much.

Granite Design STASH Multi-Tool – Overall

Overall, Granite Design has produced a well made, and functional tool that neatly integrates inside your fork steerer. The quality and finish is very good, the choice of tools is well thought out and for just £49.95 it’s great value too.

Granite Design is distributed through Windwave in the UK so your local bike shop should be able to get hold of one for you, if not there’s also an official Amazon store.

Granite Design STASH Multi-Tool – Features

  • 8-piece Multi-tool: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, T25, Flathead
  • Spoke key: 0, 1, 2, 3 with valve core removing function
  • System weight (incl. multi-tool): 135g
  • Multi-Tool weight: 57g
  • Colour: Black and Orange
  • Compatible with tapered and 1-1/8″ straight steer tubes with different low cap options.
    Suitable for MTB with the “bottom of fork crown to top of stem “length from 150mm to 240mm.
  • Price: £49.95
  • From: Granite Design distributed through Windwave

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    $54.99 plus vat is the price and with no UK distribution shipping is another $35 then with taxes on top of that your a beer away from the edc.shame as it’s absolutely fantastic

    Uhhh No. This is not close to the OneUP EDC. First and foremost, no chain tool. Right there its time to walk away. As for the whiny hand wringers worried about tapping a steerer, I have tapped a few steerer tubes with the EDC tap, only a fuktard could mess it up. The crew at OneUp designed not only a superior tool kit, but a idiot proof tap and guide. There are plenty of shops with the taps (mine) so find one, tap your old fork, and get the better tool. If you don’t have a chain tool, you got no tool kit.

    Sorry, this clearly isn’t a patch on the oneup. Which is beautifully made, has everything you’ll ever need, and if you don’t want to thread your steerer, then it’ll fit into the oneup pump, which is also excellent.

    Just add other option Spesh do a swat chain tool and multi tool that fits in the fork , not sure of cost as mine came included with a bike but works well

    @1knott4me Sorry my mistake the price is £49.95 and Granite Design are available through Windwave in the UK so your local bike shop will be able to order one. So no VAT added and no shipping either.

    @dustytires hi, the comparison here is how easy one is to fit over the other, and in that comparison, the Granite Design STASH is much better. Yes the EDC does offer more tools, but the cost of the EDC with tap to fit is £101 (more if you want a top cap that matches your bike). The Granite Design STASH is £49.95 from Windwave in the UK and only requires Allen keys to fit. If you want more tools then Granite Design also offer a chain tool that fits in the end of your bar and a tubless tire repair tool that slides in the other end of your bar. Total cost of all 3 tools is £93.85 and you don’t end up with a steerer tap you only need once. And yes you could go to a bike shop and ask them to fit the EDC but if they don’t have the tool they might not want to order it in for 1 job and you still need to pay for their time. Just a few thoughts.

    @orangeboy yup, that is a pretty nice tool they are £90 and fit in the steerer in the same way as the Granite Design STASH. We have a review of it here

    @Andysykes absolutely awesome

    I got a Chinese copy of the all-in multitool for £12 off ebay. Hides in your crank axle and stays in place with a magnet. Must say I’m very impressed with it for the money.

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