Giro 100 Proof Winter Gloves Review | Mittens For MTB?

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Giro 100 Proof Winter Gloves Review. Are these winter riding mittens a contender for best extreme weather riding wear?

Mittens are not something I’d typically use for mountain biking, mainly because of braking. Perhaps mittens are how we can all get faster and stop comfort braking?

Giro 100 Proof Winter MTB Mittens
Very muddy snowboarding conditions?

I do have some extremely good mittens for snowboarding, and have often pined to have anything as good for cold weather mountain biking. I have had some STINKERS of winter gloves over the years, both literally and metaphorically. The worst had a waterproof layer, but under a lovely thick load of fabric that would soak up any kind of moisture then use it to freeze my hands numb.

These though? These Giro 100 Proof winter gloves? They’re a contender. As soon as I laid eyes on them I knew they might be the mountain bike mittens I’d longed for. They’re mostly mitten, but with your index fingers freed for single finger braking.

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Product:100 Proof Winter Gloves
Tested:by David Hayward for 3 months

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