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There are lots of amazing moments in bicycle history – is this one of them? It’s certainly a great video, and well told story.

Just a couple of weeks ago we ran a feature which included a video that had been recommended to us by one of our readers. In fact, a moment in it caused us to write the whole listicle it was in – ‘Bike Related Things To Make Out Of Pallets’. That video was by Fairdale Bikes, and now, in one of those ‘the bike industry is a vortex’ moments, Fairdale Bikes’ founder Taj Mihelich has produced this new video, which we’re sharing with you now.

Taj is a former BMX pro who started Fairdale Bikes only after injury forced him to stop competing and riding BMX. Despite knowing how to design a BMX bike, or make it do things the rest of us can only dream of, he found that going into bike shops was a discouraging experience. Everything was too complex, too bewildering, too much. He just wanted to go for a ride, on bigger wheels than his BMX. So he started Fairdale bikes with the aim of bringing the functional simplicity of BMX to other bikes, and bringing bikes you could just get on and ride to people that just want to get on a bike and ride. That’s an aim that sounds good to us.

It’s clear Taj doesn’t just do bikes. All the animation you see in that film is his work. You should check out this short video too. Nothing to do with bikes. It’s just funny. And a bit gross.

He’s also a good story teller. You should also check out this gruesome and comic tale, which frankly would be too hideous to contemplate in any medium other than animation.

We’re going to keep watching Taj’s YouTube channel and hope it’s not too long until there’s a Part 2 to his ‘Amazing Moments in Bicycle History’.

Want to see the Fairdale Bikes video with the pallet bike in it? Head over here:

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