2020 team rumours

2020 Team Rumours | The rumours and news so far!

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The year is about to come to a close and now brands and athletes are hinting at what’s coming for 2020 in Team Rumours!

On the surface of it, the 2020 Team Rumours news is a little quieter than last years, and that’s kind of understandable as we saw a lot of big moves for 2019, but that’s not to say 2020 isn’t going to see a massive up.

2020 Team Rumours!

Here we have 9 2020 team rumours and pieces of news to get you hot under the collar for some race season action.

FMD Racing, Tahnee Seagrave, Kaos to Canyon – Rumoured

Tahnee to Canyon? 2020 team rumours
Tahnee to Canyon?

Perhaps the biggest rumour so far of the coming season is that FMD Racing along with Tahnee and Kaos Seagrave could be leaving the Transition Bikes stable for 2020.

We’ve heard whispers that Tahnee and Co. could be riding for Nukeproof or Trek, but it seems that most are speculating about a move to Canyon for 2020.

It doesn’t seem likely that the FMD to Canyon move will be confirmed until early next year, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled.

Rob Warner To Vitus – Likely

rob warner to vitus 2020 team rumours
Rob Warner moving to Vitus?

We posted a story a couple of weeks ago stating that Rob Warner could be moving from YT to Vitus, and while the news hasn’t been confirmed yet, it also hasn’t been denied either.

Thanks to a decal brand’s, now deleted, social media post we know that Rob Warner’s new MotoX bike is going to feature Vitus branding, so it goes to reason that the Red Bull presenter is headed there 2020.

Jack Moir To Leave Intense Factory Racing – Likely

jack moir 2019 fort william dh world cup 2020 team rumours
Jack Moir’s puddle laundromat

Jack Moir had a difficult 2019 season on the Intense Factory Racing team. A change in teammates and a move to new component brands just didn’t work for Shark Attack Jack so it comes as no surprise that there are rumours he’s making a move.

At the time of writing, we haven’t heard where he could be leaving to, but with new teams launching in 2020 (more below) and one Indian backed team making some major investment, we know of at least 2 teams with the money and space for Mr Moir.

InSync Racing New bike and a bigger team – Partially confirmed

Insync Racing's Veronika Weidmann celebrates third place
A new bike, bigger pits and more riders.

Indian owned, UK based, InSync Racing is working on a bespoke race bike for 2020 meaning the current InSync branded YT Tues frames will be retired for the coming season.

We’re interested to see how InSync plans to get around the UCI ruling that bikes need to be production-ready for them to use their ‘Team Only’ bike, but we’re more interested to see their new larger team and pits.

Our sources tell us that InSync’s owners, Hero, are investing heavily in racing for 2020 and we can expect a new larger pits and new team members along with that new race bike.

Propain Factory new rider – Confirmed


Propain Factory are teasing the announcement of a new team rider. The news will come soon, but the question now is will this be an additional team member or will we see someone leave the current team?

Andreu Lacondeguy moving to Commencal – Rumoured

Leaving YT?

Freeride hero Andreu Lacondeguy has teased on Instagram that he could be leaving YT for the 2020 season, and rumour has it we could see him on a Commencal.

Commencal already has a huge roster of Freeride legends, but to snap up Lacondeguy from YT would be a huge boost for the Andorran brand.

Laurie Greenland Becomes Red Bull Athlete – Confirmed

One of the few confirmed rumours for 2020 is that Mondraker rider, Laurie Greenland has now joined the ranks at Red Bull to become a sponsored rider.

New Rider to Specialized Gravity – Very Likely

specialized 2020 team rumours
Who will be the 3rd rider?

Whereas Propain has officially teased that they will announce a new rider for 2020, Specialized has been a lot more subtle about it. The official Specialized Gravity Instagram account lists their current downhill squad Loic Bruni, Finn Iles, and now a 3rd secret rider. Who could no. 3 be?

An all-new downhill race team? – Very Likely

New team rumour = Puppy pic.

We can’t go into too much detail about this one, but we have heard on the grapevine that an all-new downhill race team will join the World Cup Circuit in 2020.

Our sources haven’t said what the company will be called, but has told us that this isn’t a bike manufacturer! Who will be riding for the team and what the company is, remains a top-secret!

Those are all the 2020 team rumours we have for you today but check back over the coming days, weeks and months for more race news.

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