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Can’t Stop The Rock. We’ve been warned repeatedly. It’s been received wisdom for decades, but now, thanks to Rockstop, could Apollo 440 be wrong? There’s a chance. The rock might be stoppable.

Rockstop is made by a UK company, based in Cumbria and named Urofoam. They developed it in collaboration with Grizedale Mountain Bike Hire, and unlike most inserts, which are generally forms of EVA foam, it’s made of a polyeurethane elastomer. That gives it a smooth finish, which is good at shedding sealant.

Rockstop Tubeless Insert
Line up the holes with your valve

It’s available in three sizes: 29in, 27.5in, and a wide version of 27.5in for plus tyres. They sent us some 29in and 27.5in ones, and given the difference in material to other inserts, we were certainly curious.


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Price:£65 per insert
Tested:by David Hayward for 3 months

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