Making Up The Numbers Podcast Episode 3 | Will Longden

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Our very own racer of mediocrity, George Thompson, sits down with Will Longden to continue his Making Up The Numbers Podcast for the 2019 season in association with Hope Technology, Revolution Bike Park and us, Singletrack.

Making Up The Numbers
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Making Up The Numbers Will Longden
George and Will. In a really posh caravan?.

Hello and welcome to a very special Making Up The Numbers podcast.

It’s been National Champs weekend here in the UK and after racing all weekend, it’s now Monday afternoon and I’m back at Revolution Bike Park again. Why you might ask? Well, the Senior Men’s sleeve stayed in the family. Matt Walker won it last season, Danny Hart yesterday and an opportunity came up to sit down and have a chat with Madison Saracen team manager, Will Longden. 

Hit play on our podcast widget below and settle in for an hour of Downhill race chat.

Making Up The Numbers with Madison Saracen’s Will Longden

The Floating Brake, As Ridden By Danny Hart

Making Up The Numbers
Floating Brake
Making Up The Numbers
A closer look.

Previously on Making Up The Numbers Podcast

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