ard rock enduro festival cancelled flash flood yorkshire 2019

Ard Rock Enduro Festival 2019 Cancelled

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We’ve just heard that the organisers of the 2019 Ard Rock Enduro have had to take the difficult decision to cancel this weekend’s event due to biblical rainstorms that have led to flash flooding in Swaledale.

In scenes that mirror the unfortunate Malverns Classic in June that had to make a similar decision, Swaledale, venue of the annual Ard Rock Enduro festival, has suffered from heavy rain, hail and flash flooding – with hard rain starting on Friday night and not really stopping since.

Unlike the Malverns, the main concerns aren’t the camping fields and the courses, but of the whole valley infrastructure, which has seen roads, bridges and walls washed away.

Ard Rock Festival from the air

ard rock enduro festival cancelled flash flood yorkshire 2019
View of the Ard Rock Festival 2019 arena from the air – Image from

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Comments (4)

    Tough call by the organisers but the right one.

    I really hope everyone is safe and sound.

    This puts riding bikes for fun into perspective. Thoughts to everyone whose lives, livelihoods and homes have been affected by this.

    Being mentioned elsewhere but an option to donate all or part of the entry refund to the local economy would be a good idea, and I suspect warmly received by most of the entrants

    yep @RicB although i guess it’ll be easier to refund all, but i will be donating.
    hoping they can somehow give us priority over next years tickets.

    such a great event, feeling sad as have been so up for this weekend. but its inconsequencial compared to
    the locals who are now having to clear up the mess and sort out their livelihoods..

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