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Tubeless tyre inserts claim to offer additional protection for your mountain bike rim, so you can run lower tyre pressures for improved traction. Nukeproof’s Advanced Rim Defence (ARD) system is one of the newer inserts on the market, so we got our local rim-dinger, David Hayward, to put them through the grinder as part of a tubeless insert group test. Over to David.

Gosh, the bike industry is becoming a veritable foam party now, what with all these rim inserts, not to mention foam filled handlebars and rims. Nukeproof is one of the latest brands to, figuratively, strip down to a swimming cossie and wade into the bubbles.


nukeproof ard insert tubeless
Nukeproof joins the tubeless insert market with its Advanced Rim Defence (ARD) system.

Nukeproof Advanced Rim Defence (ARD) System

The ARD is Nukeproof’s own design of rim protector, with a high density, custom foam extrusion in a lovely pale canary yellow colour. Should that match your bike no one else will know, but you will, and that’s what counts.

The shape of these is hard to describe, and the cross section hard to photograph without cutting one to pieces. Basically though, the cross section is a blobby cross shape that looks like something from a Jim Woodring comic. Or, sort of reminiscent of the Snapchat ghost. The largest prong sits down in the rim well, and the smallest stick out to the sides above the edges of the rim.

nukeproof ard insert tubeless
Nukeproof sells the ARD inserts as a pair, with valves included.

Nukeproof sells the ARD inserts as a pair with valves included for just under 50 quid. They’re available in 27.5in or 29in diameters, but unlike other inserts that come in multiple sizes to suit different tyre widths, these are a one-size-fits-most. Well, providing your rims measure 19-35mm wide internally.

Confirmed weight for one of our 27.5in ARD test inserts was 134g without the valve.

nukeproof ard insert tubeless
The ARD foam insert has a bulbous cross shape, with lateral ‘wings’ that hang over the rim sidewalls.

Fitting The Nukeproof ARD Inserts



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Review Info

Product:ARD Rim Defence System
Price:£49.99 (pair with valves)
Tested:by David Hayward for 1 month

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