Review | The DMR DeathGrip lock-on grips are made for rough ‘n’ rowdy riding

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What are the best mountain bike grips? Wil’s tested a bunch over the years, and here he’s put together five of his favourite lock-on grips. Over to Wil!

The DMR DeathGrips will be well known to our UK readers, having amassed something of a cult following over the past few years.

As Brendog’s signature love handle, the DMR DeathGrips feature a clever combination of otherwise simple tread patterns to create a single, unique profile – something that’s becoming more difficult amongst the sea of grip options these days.

dmr deathgrips lock-on
DMR DeathGrips have earned themselves something of a cult following.

Thanks to the original’s popularity, there’s now a healthy array of options in the DeathGrip range, with both flanged and flange-less profiles, thick or thin diameters, and soft or firm compounds. There’s also a super-soft ‘Race Edition’ for those who want the tackiest rubber going.

DMR DeathGrip Non-Flange Grip Specs

  • Diameter: 29.6-30.5mm
  • Total length: 134mm
  • Grip area length: 123mm
  • Single locking clamp w/3mm hex screw
  • Confirmed weight: 92g
  • Colours: Black, Blue, Camo, Yellow, Red, Tango, Snow Camo, Pink & Grey
  • RRP: £17
dmr deathgrip lock-on
Inside is a tapered sleeve that makes them a pain to install.

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Review Info

Brand:DMR Bikes
Product:DeathGrip Non-Flange Thin Soft Lock-On Grips
Price:£17 / $34.95 AUD
Tested:by Wil Barrett for 9 months

Comments (3)

    Worth pointing out that they’re one of the lightest and cheapest out there too. £10 and 10g less than the ODI elites, for example.

    And come on, the instructions tell you to line them up as required and bang them on. Not in the slightest tricky to install

    @honourablegeorge – Absolutely! They’re great value grips for sure.

    @danielshiels – Maybe for the hench folks like you with them real muscles! But as a cyclist with puny little biceps myself, I’ve found these to be the most difficult to install out of any lock-on grip I’ve tested. Only ESI silicone foam grips are harder to install – those things can be a right old pain in the arse!

    [ST Wil]

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