Review: Vee Tire Flow Snap + Enduro Core 29×2.6in Tyre

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Tyres, as many of you know, represent perhaps the least sexy but certainly one of the most emphatic ways to alter your ride. From those proponents of the ‘fit once and only replace once you can see the rim strip through the carcass’ school all the way over to ‘I change my tyres only on days with a ‘y’ in them’ proponents, slipping on some glistening new blackness is guaranteed to change your bike’s handling, its grip and even how it feels to pedal. 

Vee is (literally) expanding its tyre lineup, with a larger 2.6in version of the versatile Flow Snap.

Of course, not every tyre will grease the wheels (so to speak) of every rider, and some are unapologetically niche (‘this tyre only works at its best on a medium-to-fine loam with a moisture content of 4.5’) while others essentially offer the world on a stick (‘the Parvalbumen ThraXXer 2.45’s new neocortex carbowaffle weave can tame mountains, swamps, deserts and even relatively shallow lakes! Simply adjust pressure to suit).

The Vee Tire Company has recently been attempting to increase its brand awareness in mountain biker circles with a wide range of tyres that aims to suit an equally wide range of disciplines.

Indeed, the 27.5×2.35 Flow Snap Enduro Core tyre – similar, but somewhat less embiggened, to the one tested here – was blessed with a coveted ‘Singletrack Recommended’ accolade by the deliciously muscular and fragrant Mr James Vincent.

James Vincent reviewed the slimmer version. Click to read that review

Vee Flow Snap + Enduro Core 29×2.6in Tyre

“But wait!” I hear you cry, eyes staring about in confusion as your brain tries desperately to process the impossibility of this situation. “What are you blethering about if you’ve already written about them?”

Fear not, gentle reader. Soothe your fevered brow with the unctuous balm of the enlightened when I tell you that this is the ‘plus’ variant of the self same Flow Snap, which is thusly denoted by the placement of a large ‘+’. While the tyre that the delectable and preposterously hench Mr Vincent drooled over was a mere 27.5 by 2.35, and thus is appropriate for his diminutive, yet curiously manly stature, this here bad-boy is a whopping 29×2.6in. So it’s not as ‘plus’ as many, so you do actually stand a reasonable chance of getting it into your frame, but it is plenty big.

Rubber compounds are, as ever, present, correct and plentiful. The tyre possesses a Core of ‘Enduro’, and a compound known as ‘Tackee’, and it’s furthermore ‘Tubeless ready’. All good things to know. But what do they actually *mean*? Well, let’s take a look.

vee flow snap enduro tyre
It is billed as a ‘dry’ tyre, but the Flow Snap works very well in softer and wetter conditions.

Strangely, the Tackee compound doesn’t refer to someone who is ‘Tacked’ by a ‘Tacker’. Rather, it’s a particularly soft – 48A – tyre compound which provides great stickiness on one’s all-mountain and enduro segments, and apparently offers also the ‘smallest rebound for more control on downhills’. This is all woven together with a 72 TPI (threads per inch) casing, with a relatively hard-wearing 54a rubber compound on the centre knobs, with the softer 48a compound on the corner knobs for increased traction. 

Fitting & Setup



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Review Info

Brand:Vee Tire Co.
Product:Flow Snap + Enduro Core 29x.26in
Tested:by Barney Marsh for 4 months

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