Review: Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4 WT DoubleDown Tyre

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Maxxis has a growing range of Wide Trail (WT) mountain bike tyres, including several options with the more robust Double Down casing. To make sense of the range, we gathered the Aggressor, Minion DHF, Minion DHR II and Shorty in their respective WT Double Down outfits, and gave them to our resident rubber-punisher, James Vincent, for a mini-shootout. Over to James!

Sequels are quite often tyred (sorry) extensions of great films, focussed more on extracting more money from the cinema going public, with few exceptions. And let’s not get started on prequels or remakes. Really, what was once a brilliant concept, is exposed as a weak idea on repetition, and it takes real skill to prevent them becoming formulaic and dull. And what was once a brilliant concept, is exposed as a weak idea on repetition, and it takes real skill to prevent them becoming formulaic and dull.

Fortunately, the DHR II suffers from none of these issues. In fact, this sequel is actually a lot better than the original.

maxxis minion dhr II doubledefence
Testing the Minion DHR II with a DoubleDown casing and 3C rubber.

While the original DHR wasn’t particularly well received, the Minion DHR II is a completely different beast. It’s less rear specific than before, and many riders I know have taken to running the DHR II up front as well as out back. The shoulder knobs have been nicked from the DHF (though widened slightly), while the centre knobs are heavily siped for extra hold and braking traction in the loose stuff.

On test here is the Minion DHR II 27.5×2.4in Wide Trail 3C MaxxTerra DoubleDown option. As with the Minion DHF also on test, the DHR II is also available in a mind boggling array of widths, casings and compounds that are far too numerous to list here, so again, head over to the Maxxis website to see the full range.

Maxxis Minion DHR II 2.4 WT DoubleDown Tyre Specs

  • Designed for rocky, loose and loose-over-hard trail surfaces, dry to wet conditions
  • Size tested: 27.5×2.4in WT
  • Actual weight: 1135g
  • Measured width: 2.4in
  • Rubber compound: 3C MaxxTerra
  • DoubleDown casing (120tpi)
  • Also available in 26in & 29in diameters, 2.3-3.0in widths
  • RRP: £69.99
maxxis minion dhr II doubledefence
Long, rectangular centre blocks give oodles of braking traction.




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Review Info

Product:Minion DHR II 2.4 WT DoubleDown 3C MaxxTerra
Tested:by James Vincent for 6 months

Comments (2)

    Fine out the back, but much prefer the DHF on the front. The gap down the middle just gives more cornering grip.

    Maxxis recently commented on another website (vitalmtb) that DHF stands for front and DHR for rear, that the freeride and race thing is fake news.

    they also said that in lab testing the DHR is slightly faster rolling but unlikely to be noticeable to any rider.

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