Singletrack Issue 121: Ley Lines – Don’t Do It!

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Barney takes a good hard look at whether the legend of ley lines might hold spectacular secrets of sumptuous singletrack.

Words & Photography Barney Marsh

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Comments (2)

    Ummm, Ley “lines”(?) are straight lines on a (flat) map, not on the (curved) Earth. So druids/aliens used a Mercator projection (or something like it) when drawing their maps, just like us! Isn’t that amazing? Not a lot of people know that.

    Good point well made (oceandweller) on one of the very many debunky issues applicable to leylines. Would be good if there was a website/maps/app that showed official trails that specifically take you to archaeological sites though (none of which were built by fairies/giants/witches though folklorists are welcome to celebrate the Idea that they from a folk-historical perspective). (But they weren’t). (And definitely not by aliens).

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