The 28 Riders of Red Bull Hardline 2018

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Judging by these photographs, Wales is proving to be wet. So, as well as all the other obstacles, everything is going to be super slippery and slithery too. Frankly terrifying. It is due to be dry tomorrow when all the action will be taking place. The event will be shown on Red Bull TV at 6pm UK time on Sunday 16 September, and you can join in with the fun – including a Hardline themed quiz –  on our Facebook page, via Facebook Live.

Here we go then, 28 riders of Red Bull Hardline 2018. All images: Red Bull Content Pool.

1. Craig Evans – Hope, UK

Stealthy, black and stylish. The Coco Chanel of Hardline.

2. Bernard Kerr – Pivot, UK

White grips. Well, they were, once.

3. Dan Atherton – Trek, UK

Doesn’t like sharing his trails?

4. Laurie Greenland – MS Mondraker, UK

Colour coordination points: few.

5. Adam Brayton – Hope, UK

Colour coordination points: nil.

6. Kaos Seagrave – Transition, UK

Borrowed his sister’s kit for the occasion.

7. Alexandre Fayolle – Hutchinson UR, France

Polygon, keeping it freaky.

8. Gee Atherton – Trek, UK

Popped home to pick up new gloves for the photos.

9. Reece Wilson – Commencal 100, UK

Does his mum know where he is?

10. Greg Williamson – UNNO, UK

Stole his bike off Batman. Hope it flies.

11. Flo Payet – Voul Voul Racing, France

Matched his pyjamas to his pedals.

12 – Brendan Fairclough – Scott, UK

Has he broken his bike, or is he borrowing Flo’s?

13. Joe Smith – NORCO, UK

Not turning his number upside down…

14. Kade Edwards – Trek, UK

His mum definitely doesn’t know he’s out.

There are a few notes on our rider list…against Kade it says ‘Young Gun’. It probably doesn’t say that on his school report.

15. Phil Atwill – Dirt, UK

As seen on Netflix.

16. Gaetan Vige, Scott, France

Tu es français, on ne peut pas être impoli. S’il te plaît laissez-nous visiter après Brexit.

17. Charlie Hatton – Trek, UK

Surely he could have stretched to red and white Fox decals?

18. Henry Fitzgerald – NORCO Factory Racing, Canada

There are no bears here? Pfft, this course will be easy then.

19. Brage Vestavik – MS Mondraker, Norway

What hairstyle for under a full face? Bun? Hairnet?

20. Keegan Wright – New Zealand

A rare case of the luggage arriving before the passenger? Or just gone for a wee?

21. Jerome Caroli – Italy

Wondering why he’s here in the cold and grey and wet.

22. Josh Bryceland – UK

Saving on the cost of hair products?

23. Killian Callaghan – Ireland

Needs blue goggles.

His name is in red on our sheet. We’re not sure what that means, but we hope he’s OK.

24. Oscar Harnstrom – Sweden

Impossible to see in the woods. Or anywhere in Sweden.

25. Erik Irmisch – YT, Germany

We’re too scared to pass comment. Is he huge, or are those tiny wheels?

26. Dave McMillan – New Zealand

Rider AND luggage both made it. Yay!

27. Bas Van Steenbergen – Canada

Didn’t get this at Walmart.

The notes here say ‘Big Freerider’. He’s on a Hyper. We have high hopes.

28. Lewis Summer – UK, Privateer

He hasn’t made it into the photos, though his name is on the list. We hope he’s OK. We hope his bike is OK too.

29. Sam Hocknell – UK

Local farmer?

Sam here is a Privateer. We’d love to see him do well enough for someone to give him a jersey.

Greg Minnaar

Commentating, not riding, but we thought you’d like to see his bike.

We’ll certainly be tuning in for the coverage on Sunday night, though no doubt there will be snippets of action on social media, where #RedBullHardline is the hashtag to follow.

Super successful downhill racer, and that bloke who works with Claudio.


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