Bluegrass Skinny D30 kneepad review

Review: Bluegrass Skinny D30 – Your Knees Are Worth It!

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Bluegrass offers two versions of the Skinny kneepad, one is the regular Skinny, and the other is a premium kneepad called the Skinny D30. We’ve been sent the upmarket version of the pad to test, which along with D30 protection also features a reinforced Kevlar fabric.

Like all kneepads, the Skinny D30 is designed to offer knee protection, but Bluegrass wanted to offer maximum protection in a package that is as comfortable to wear all day as it is for an hour at the BMX track.

Bluegrass Skinny D30 kneepad review
No velcro, no straps. The Bluegrass Skinny D30 is slim.

To achieve this the Skinny is a slimmed down pad and doesn’t use any sort of fastening mechanism to keep them in place, but instead a long sleeve with silicon cuffs which stretch and grip your skin at either end.

The long sleeve adds stability to the pad, meaning it keeps the padded D30 area where it needs to be, and keeps everything as close to the skin as possible, while remaining comfortable and breathable.

Bluegrass Skinny D30 kneepad review
Silicon bands keep the kneepad in position.

Relying solely on silicon bands to keep the pad in place means that you’ll have to be sure that you pick the correct size. With this in mind Bluegrass offers the Skinny D30 in S, M, L and XL sizing, and the website has details of sizing to help you measure up and choose correctly.

Bluegrass Skinny D30 kneepad review
A nice fit, but make sure you choose your size carefully.

I tested the medium size Skinny D30 which is designed for a 43-46cm thigh and 35-38cm shin measurement and found that as long as I pulled the pad up into position, slightly higher than I would normally, they would stay in place even on an all day ride. The added length of the sleeve just means that you have to be conscious that the Skinny feels like it sits a little higher than other brands’ pads, but you soon get used to this and it certainly isn’t uncomfortable.

Bluegrass Skinny D30 kneepad review
D30 offers a great range of movement and protection.

The main padded area, the bit that protects your knees, is made of D30. D30 is a clever soft material that will easily move, mould and flex under normal conditions but will stiffen upon impact. The soft, easy pliable nature of D30 makes it ideal for kneepad applications and prevents the Skinny from feeling stiff when pedalling, but still gives you the protection you need if you come a cropper.

Bluegrass Skinny D30 kneepad review
Laminated breathable fabric is used throughout.

At almost £85.00, you don’t really want your pads to tear or rip even when you’ve crashed on them which is why a Bluegrass has used a reinforced Kevlar material. Even after our time testing the Skinny D30 in various conditions, after multiple hand washes they’re still in great condition and fit very well.

Bluegrass Skinny D30 kneepad review
Pads that can be worn all day.

Bluegrass Skinny D30 Kneepad Review Conclusion

Sure the Skinny D30 is quite a pricy set of kneepads, but then again your knobbly knees do need to look their best for the summer. Plus these are some of the most comfortable and lightweight pads I’ve ridden in.

Review Info

Brand: Bluegrass
Product: Skinny D30
From: Bluegrass
Price: £85.00 / €99.00
Tested: by Andi Sykes for 2 months

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