Best e-MTB – Singletrack Reader Awards 2018 Finalists

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  • Focus Jam2
  • Orange Alpine E Factory
  • Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Carbon

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Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Carbon

Specialized Levo Carbon


Not content with merely adding a battery and motor to an existing model design, Specialized entered the e-MTB market by designing their bike from the ground up. Their integrated battery design, coupled with their collaboration with motor manufacturer Brose has lead them to develop one of the best handling and intuitive e-MTBs on the market. The Turbo Levo is optimised for actually riding off road trails and is super quient an efficient. But there’s more..

Recognising the mindset of the new e-MTB market, Specialized also developed their bike alongside a connectivity app that alllows he ultimate in technical tinkering as well as social sharing of everything from where you ride to how you ride. The Turbo Levo is a complete package of tuned MTB ride and connectivity.

Orange Alpine-E

The Alpine 6 E Factory fuses the best of Orange’s long established single pivot, long travel traditions with the latest in technology and motor design. Creating an e-MTB that sits as well in the entire range of bike offerings is no easy task but the Alpine E manages to maintain that classic Orange design ethos while powering the brand into the next generation of big hit trail adventures. The new range of long travel, uplift powered big trail bikes is one of the fastest growing areas of the MTB market and the Alpine E firmly establishes Orange as a major contributor to this new niche.

Focus Jam2

focus jam emtb ebike nice france rocky dry dusty pike rockshox steps shimano e8000 motor battery electronic pedal assist

Focus is another brand that came at the e-MTB market with a carefully thought out design in mind. An e-MTB that uses the motor to aid the rider rather than just throw power at the trail, the Focus Jam2 actually puts handling first before power. The result is a lightweight (for an e-MTB) bike with a smaller battery capacity than the standard offering, that perfectly matches the Shimano Steps motor. But with the ability to clip on an extra power pack this e-MTB can handle anything from a short blast to session a favourite trail to an all day 80 mile+ epic adventure. Fully integrated with Shimano Di2 cockpit it’s one of the first e-MTBs to actually ride with the feel of an ‘acoustic’ bike.

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