661 reset helmet review

Review: The 661 Reset Helmet Is A Totally Tropical Full Face At A Great Price

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After a bit of a hiatus 661 is back and with an all-new full face helmet named the Reset. As the name suggests, this updated lid shows a new direction in helmet style and design for the widely known brand.

Not only is the Reset very different to look at when compared previous 661 designs, but it’s also one of the few affordable full face helmets that has been designed and manufactured from the ground up, or is that the visor down? This isn’t a helmet chosen from a catalogue and branded up, this is a unique 661 design, and to ensure no other brand manages to use the same mould, an embossed 661 logo is present on the left-hand side.

661 reset helmet review
So comfortable Andi fell asleep inside the Reset.

Rather than designing an all-out race downhill helmet, or dedicated BMX lid, 661 decided that the Reset should be designed as a “lightweight” full-face helmet, meaning that anyone wanting the added protection of a full-face helmet is catered for, and at an affordable price.

661 reset helmet review
The 661 stamp of authenticity.

661 claims that the medium-sized Reset helmet weighs just 1100g, however, our large size review sample weighs less than that at just 1044g. A pretty impressive weight for a sub £100 full face.

661 reset helmet review
Vents channel air around the Reset while on the move.

The main structure of the Reset is moulded from a lightweight ABS with 10 angular vents to promote airflow. These aren’t the largest we’ve seen on a full face helmet, but the way that they have been positioned means that, once you’re moving, air is pushed through the chin guard face opening and vented out of the rear.

The lack of large vents around the Reset improves the overall coverage and protection of the helmet and is likely one of the ways 661 has been able to create a stylish helmet at such an affordable price.

661 reset helmet review
Goggle strap channel to prevent goggle slippage.

Although we’re looking at a full face helmet that costs well under £100, 661 has managed to retain important features such as an adjustable visor, large eye port for good visibility and use with goggles, along with a sculpted lip on the rear of the helmet to stop your goggle strap from moving out of position.

661 reset helmet review
Totally tropical.

You also get some very nice finish options. Our test helmet is the Tropic Orange model and has a light metallic gold finish with orange accents and a tropical flower motif on the back. It’s not to everyone’s taste but it is very trick looking for a helmet of this price. If you wanted something a little more subtle then there are also Tundra White, Midnight Black and Matador Red options to choose from.

661 reset helmet review
Double D rings are fiddly but effective.

To maintain a competitive price 661 has had to cut costs in some areas. One such area is the double D ring fastener. This is the type of fastening solution which you’ve likely seen on a motorcycle helmet so we know that it’s up to the job of keeping your helmet on securely, it’s just a little fiddly to use.

Looping the strap through the D rings successfully takes a little patience and practice, especially when wearing gloves. It’s by no means a deal breaker, it works and it’s safe, it just not as elegant a solution compared to a more expensive clip or magnetic fastner.

661 reset helmet review
Removable liner for easy cleaning.

Inside the Reset is a padded liner that’s removable for easy cleaning with a mesh top layer to help keep you cool and wick away moisture for those hot uplift days.

661 offers the Reset helmet in sizes XXS – XXL, however, it is worth giving one a try before you buy as we found sizing comes up on the small size. Our large helmet should (according to the size chart) suit riders with a head size of between 60-61cm, however even I find the Reset a little on the small side and I usually wear 59cm helmets.

661 reset helmet review
Adjustable visor.

I also find the chin guard is a little on the short side for my liking. For the odd excursion to the bike park or BMX track this isn’t a problem, but for anyone wanting to spend a few days at a time riding the Alps or spend hours in an Enduro race, you may prefer something a little roomier.


With the Reset, 661 wanted to start afresh with design and offer riders on a budget a safe, lightweight and fashionable full face helmet. The Reset offers these features in spades, with the only issue being the smaller than standard sizing meaning that you really need to try before you buy. It’s a great helmet for casual downhill racers, the odd trip to the BMX track or for kids wanting to get into the extreme side of riding.

Review Info

Brand: 661
Product: Reset
From: 661
Price: £75
Tested: by Andi Sykes for 5 months

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