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Exposure Joystick MK13 Now Available In Carbon Fibre!

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Carbon fibre is everywhere, from frames to rims and even fancy seat rails on uber expensive saddles. Carbon is now finding its way into the light market with UK brand Exposure announcing the release of the Joystick MK13 with lightweight carbon body.

Exposure says the idea to release a carbon fibre light designed for cyclist had always been there, but after receiving lots of positive feedback after releasing a marine light with carbon body, the company decided to accelerate things a little.

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Now with added bling!

Mark Swift from Exposure Lights had this to say about the decision to go carbon;

“Earlier this year we launched a Marine Product, the Carbon MOB (Man Over Board) I shared this on our social media channels and we had a few comments back, these messages was repeated at shows and events, “why can’t we (the cyclists) have carbon”. It had been in the back of our minds for the future but this sped the process up. Now we have the Joystick carbon. Same outer dimensions as the Aluminium which means everything is back compatible if you have an existing Exposure light, brackets, chargers etc…”

The £180 Joystick MK13 Carbon is a lightweight version of the standard Joystick weighing just 90g. At such a low weight the Carbon sounds perfect for mounting to your helmet, but as it uses the same mounting hardware as alloy models you can also go for a bar mount too.

Tech specs include a maximum output of 1000 lumens with a max runtime of 36 hours, or 1.5hours when set at full beam from the internal 3100mAh Li-ion battery.

The high-tech material is complemented by some high-tech features including an optimum mode selector, intelligent thermal management, and battery level indicator.

Exposure is recommending the Carbon Joystick for all-mountain, XC riding, but it would also make do as a road or backup commuting light too.

More details can be found over on the Exposure Lights website here.

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Comments (3)

    So if the specs on the Exposure site are correct, you’re saving 3g in weight over a standard Mk13 Joystick?

    Interestingly, my old Mk6 version weights a ‘super lightweight’ 88g on my digital balance, a whole 2g less than the new ‘lightweight version of the standard Joystick ‘.

    It is very pretty though…

    now the pace of LED tech has slowed there’s a lot of fiddling around the edges here IMO. carbon?
    how about cost reduction to make night riding with more reliable lights more accessible to more people?
    don’t get me wrong, i love my exposure lights, they have been totally reliable and they serve me well, i just think they’re gilding the lily at the mo.

    haha i noticed that the new carbon one is a few grams heavier than my mk12 Red one, although the new ones are 10mm shorter

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