Singletrack Magazine Issue 118: Seduced By The TV Remote

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Steve Longdon is about to despair at the laziness of the world, but he’s not had time. He’s been too busy riding his bike. We all watch what other people do. I’m sure that I’m not alone here. But lately I just feel like I’m not like most other people. I’m quite happy swinging in a hammock in the sunshine with nothing to do but read a book and drink a beer, but along with the urge to take it easy and relax I have to get out there on my bike. I need to get my heart rate up and my pulse racing. When my wife and I flew a few weeks ago, the passengers around us went for their hand luggage while the plane was still moving, ignoring the seatbelt signs. After the usual argy-bargy with the overhead lockers, we were off the plane and heading for passport control. There was a bit of a walk and then a choice of three short flights of stairs or the escalator. We found ourselves alone on the stairs. Everyone else took the escalator. All around us the elimination of effort was in full swing. Everyone on the escalator was looking at us. For us the choice was no choice. In our world we make some effort. This seems worthwhile to us in the long run. Perhaps not so for others. Not long after that, browsing the shelves in the supermarket for some fruit I found a tray of expanded polystyrene...

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