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Canyon Relaunch Gravity Range – And It’s Not Just Downhill Bikes

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Canyon are updating their range of gravity bikes, but not just that: they’re also launching some of their own finishing kit too, under the brand name G5. Of course, this update includes the Sender, Canyon’s downhill bike, but also – hold on. Here’s the Sender:

The Sender is Canyon’s downhill bike.

It’s also available in stealthy, murdered out black. This isn’t the only bike in Canyon’s gravity range though; what’s this peeking through the trees?

Canyon Torque Whistler
It’s the Torque!

The past few years have seen the emergence of so-called super-enduro category – bikes with single crown forks, but around 180mm of travel front and back. The Torque is Canyon’s foray into this area, and like many other manufacturers dipping a toe into this segment, they’re billing it as a big hit park bike.

Canyon Torque Whistler
Buying this bike guarantees* you’ll finally be able to manual.

Much like the new Spectral Canyon announced last week, these new bikes share the same clever way of doing internal cable routing. Rather than have you do frame spelunking or build some kind of Heath-Robinson pulley mechanism to pull cables through, these frames have a bolt on cable guide for the downtube. It makes them much easier to install, protects and silences the cables while making the bike look neater, and also doubles up as protection for your downtube against rocks. Now that seems like some clever design.

Fire up some Fleetwood Mac; it’s all going a bit JPS for 2018.

(It really is! See the colour-schemes for the new Spectral CF 9.0, and also the new limited edition Helm from Cane Creek. Oh! And the new limited edition Intense. Everything is going to look like a 1970’s Formula 1 car next year).

Like the new Spectral, the new Torque also has internal routing but easy, thanks to this bolt on conduit.
The conduit is in multiple parts, and directs the cables beneath the bottom bracket while stopping them from rattling.

As well as bikes, Canyon are now making some of their own finishing kit under the name G5, apparently derived from the own toughest category designation for components. It seems to just be stems, handlebars and grips for now, but as well as coming on Canyon bikes they’ll be available separately from the Canyon online shop too. There are direct mount downhill stems, natch, but also standard 1-1/8″ ones as shown below.

Canyons new G5 components aren’t downhill specific, with standard 1-1/8 stems like this available too.

Full release from Canyon:

“New Torque, Sender AL & G5: CANYON Refreshes GRAVITY RANGE

“KOBLENZ, 19.12.2017 — Even with the white stuff dumping on Europe’s bike parks and most popular riding spots, Canyon is still making big waves in the mountain bike world this December. Just one week after launching the latest iteration of their trail all-rounder, the Spectral, now it’s time for the return of the Torque, a new aluminium version of the Sender, as well as G5, a full line of Canyon-engineered handlebars, stems and grips made for gravity riding.

Canyon Torque Whistler
It being “super enduro” got him at least another foot of air.

“TORQUE: Unruly. Unbound. Unreal. Put to the test by Canyon’s freeride, enduro and downhill teams, the new Torque is not a bike to be boxed in. With 175 mm of rear suspension on offer from its new linkage and the three-phase kinematic developed for the Sender CF, the bike provides next-level traction and comes alive on everything from the most challenging backcountry trails to jump lines at the bike park.

Canyon Torque Whistler
Bros ✊

“The combination of 180 mm of travel up front with the same bombproof Category 5 rating as the Sender for both aluminium and carbon frame options results in a bike that feels stable and grounded at speed, while also begging to get airborne. Super enduro, park bike, freeride, call it whatever you like, the Torque is renowned as the do-it-all gravity bike. Now it’s back and it’s better than ever.

Canyon Torque Whistler
You, next year.

“SENDER AL: Developed alongside Fabien Barel and based on the same bike that Troy Brosnan rode to World Cup victory in Vallnord, the Sender AL brings race-winning pedigree to a robust aluminium frame. Providing superior grip and inspiring speed over any terrain, each bike comes equipped with a coil shock that uses a similar three-phase kinematic to its carbon fibre companion. Built to last and kitted out with a range of components that hit all the right notes, the Sender AL is the people’s downhill bike.

Canyon Torque Whistler
Whistler, while you work.

“G5: Gravity components tested and rated to Canyon’s highest category: 5. Developed out of the company’s commitment to quality control, award-winning design and close relationships with its Factory Racing teams, this new range of bombproof handlebars and stems set a new standard in mountain bike componentry. The new components will come outfitted on various 2018 Torque, Sender and Stitched models, and are also available for anyone to purchase from the Canyon webshop.

“All new Torque CF, Torque AL and Sender AL models are now available to order. For more information, go to”

Canyon Torque Whistler
A rare wheels-on-the-ground moment.

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