Madison addict jacket waterproof winter

Review: Madison Addict 3-Layer Storm Jacket

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Madison is well known for designing solid pieces of riding kit that perform well, yet don’t break the bank. This tough jacket is designed to take a beating in the worst winter weather you can throw at it, all for a competitive price.

In my experience, and I’m sure the same can be said for a lot of other people, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ riding jacket, or if there is, it doesn’t want to be found. Some are too thin, some aren’t waterproof enough, some don’t wash well, and some are just too god damn hot for their own good. In this instance though, I seem to have found a jacket that does what it’s designed for, very well.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
The Addict is a solid winter jacket, providing plenty of warmth and good features.

The Addict 3-Layer Storm Jacket sets out its stall quite clearly, just with its name. A jacket from Madison that is made for those brutal cold days out on the bike, whether it be climbing some silly peaks, or commuter orientated bashing through the winter months – there’s always going to be some days which require a properly warm jacket.

Made from a hard wearing, fully seam sealed fabric, delivering waterproofness up to 12,000mm and 15,000gms breathability, the Addict aims to ensure you stay as dry as possible, without overheating. Designed to fit over a peaked helmet, the hood on the Addict is roomy and detachable, for those days when a hood isn’t required. Roll it up and slam it in the bag, just in case Mother Nature decides to change her mind half way through your ride. I have been testing the Blood Red Addict here, but the jacket is also available in Airforce Blue and Black. The Addict is also available from size Small through to XX-Large.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
A pretty busy front to the Addict, but all the zips have a purpose.
Chest vents allow you to keep your body temperature at the optimum level while riding.

Two front facing chest vents allow you to regulate body temperature while riding, and four fully waterproof pockets (two chest, two hand) offer you plenty of space to stow valuables or snacks. 

Neat hem and hood adjustment cords are hidden away to avoid any unwanted irritation, and the smart silicone print across the shoulders helps to keep your riding pack in place. A sizeable storm flap sits behind the main zip featuring a breathable top section, and poppers makes sure any unwanted weather stays out.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
Velcro sections on the cuffs help to keep the weather out.

The Addict has been used in a number of different applications throughout the testing process – from big mountain days out, to hot laps round a trail centre and even worn on photoshooting duties and it hasn’t skipped a beat. With its three layer construction, and ability to keep the worst of the weather out, its been a vital bit of kit in my riding wardrobe. On the bike, the material stays quiet when riding and the jacket is comfortable. The fit on the large jacket is really good, but a base layer and jersey is as far as I’d go underneath. Anything other, or wearing thicker layers could result in movement becoming restricted. The jacket is fitted, but not so much so it becomes uncomfortable. Having the waist adjusters means you can bring the bottom in slightly if you need to. The back of the jacket does drop to protect your arse from spray, but hasn’t felt overly long and noticeable at any point.

The cuffs are sufficiently tight, and help to keep any unwanted moisture from finding its way up, and the straps and velcro used to tighten said cuffs is strong and when in place, stays there. Neat branding on the left hand sleeve reminds you where the jacket is from.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
Reasonable sized pockets, for storing sweets or gloves.

The waterproof pockets have performed without issue during the test period, offering a safe and dry place to store your phone, tools or sweets – however, if you’ve got a phablet such as an iPhone 7+ or similar, the chest pockets just aren’t big enough for easy stowage. The hand pockets again, offer great waterproof storage compartments, but aren’t overly large. The waist adjustment cords need to be operated with two hands to tighten, grabbing the small locking mechanism with one hand, and pulling the cord within the hand pockets with the other to tighten. For loosening off the cords, simply release the locking mechanism and you’re away.

The two chest vents act as great temperature regulators, and once open, the air flow is instantly noticeable. On longer climbs when this jacket does become a touch too warm, these vents really do make a difference. When riding with a pack strapped up, the vents are quite tricky to open though, which means having to stop, unclip your pack and then open the vents is a bit inefficient. With the main zipper able to open from both ends, you can also set the jacket up as you require to aid further airflow.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
Chest vents open at both ends to make sure you can get just the right amount of air flow.
Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
Storm flap goes right up to the top of the zip, where there is a laser cut section to help you breathe.

Behind the main zipper is the storm flap. Once zipped up, this does its job well and makes sure no unwanted wind of water gets through to your chest, but it does take two hands to zip up the jacket – having to hold the storm flap with one hand to make sure it doesn’t get caught up in the zip. This is a touch irritating, but once it’s all zipped up, it performs really well. The laser cut, breathable section at the top of the storm flap is coated in a ‘chin/mouth friendly’ material and doesn’t rub once it’s all done up. Extra poppers at the top of the flap means you can really batten down the hatches when the weather comes in.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
After the poppers, a zip then helps the rest of the hood to be secured.
Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
The hood fits over a trail lid with ease. This Giro Chronicle is a touch big to took the peak into the front slot though.

The hood on the Addict is removable via a neat zip that, when detached, sits unnoticeable underneath a tidy little flap. When bolted on, little storage compartments took the joining poppers away, leaving no flappy pieces of material. I have found the hood to be quite rigid when up, but the coverage does mean the hood fits over a trail helmet with ease and the peak slots into a tidy little slot at the front of the hood.

Apart from initial inspection when this jacket first landed, I have only reattached the hood on one occasion when riding, but I have had the hood up on photoshoots, to top stop the wind freezing my ears.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
The hood, detached from the jacket is easy to roll up and store in your pack.

In short, the hood is definitely a good feature, but being able to unzip it and stow away in the riding pack when it’s not required, makes it much more usable for me.

After a particularly soggy ride up in the Lakes, the Addict got a good wash and re-proofing using a wash-in DWR (durable water repellent) solution and the jacket came out looking brand new. The silicone detailing on the shoulder is still in perfect tact, with only the inside label seeming to dissolve in the wash. The outer of the jacket shows no scuffs or damage, after some pretty rough testing.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
When riding, the jacket feels light and doesn’t ristrict movement.

When riding, the jacket has performed excellently through the test period. The breathability has been good, with only a few rides being ‘too warm’, and the waterproofing has been faultless. On bigger rides, and especially when climbing, this jacket is incredibly warm and if it wasn’t for the well designed chest vents, it would have been put in the bag a lot more. Comfortable fabric, useable pockets and neat little features all over the place, the Addict is definitely a winter jacket that will be staying in the kit bag for a while to come.

Madison addict jacket waterproof winter
Look down, zip up.


The Addict is a great addition to any bad weather riding wardrobe. It’s a winter jacket that does exactly what you want, and does it well. The hood may be a bit annoying for some, but when you want it, it’s a great addition to have. Being so warm, you don’t need to wear thick layers underneath, so the fit is near as damnit true to size. It’s a quality piece of kit, ready to take on rough and rugged riding conditions and plenty of horrid weather to go along with it. With competitive pricing, and solid performance, it should be on the list for any winter jacket buyers out there.

Review Info

Brand: Madison
Product: Addict 3-Layer Storm Jacket
From: Madison,
Price: £149.99
Tested: by Rob Mitchell for 11 months

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    I have one of these jackets and agree with all above. it’s a great jacket for use with a baselayer, the vents sit just right so backpack straps don’t get in the way, though cross chect straps do require you to unzip from the sides across the chest.
    I did find the high collar storm flap a bit irritating at first. it’s quite stiff, and quite a lot of flap, so catches your chin if you have the zip down a bit. it makes it difficult to adjust ventilation using the main zip because of this.
    However, you can easily tuck it under, inside the jacket to move it out of the way. Tucking it outside the jacket, like a lapel, doesn’t work as it’s stiff an just pings back in your face.

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