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Video: 10 Years Of The BC Bike Race

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In 2017, the BC Bike Race will celebrate its eleventh birthday. Known throughout the scene as being one of the best multi-day mountain bike events in the world, the BC Bike Race has earned itself quite the reputation over the past decade, and there are few riders out there who won’t have this one on their bucket list.

With riders partnering up to race in pairs, each team gets to ride some of the most enthralling singletrack on offer in British Columbia, whilst camping along the way in a 600-strong outdoor festival. For the tenth edition of the BC Bike Race, event entries sold out in just four days, and it’s likely to sell out just as quick next year too. This is one in-demand event.

To celebrate last year’s milestone, the event organisers have put together a superb video that helps to get across the riding and the atmosphere of the BC Bike Race for those who haven’t yet experienced it for themselves. You can watch the video below, but we must warn you; we cannot be responsible for you impulsively booking a trip to Canada!

bcbike race canada
It’s all about the squad at the BC Bike Race.

I am a mountain biker, I eat pain for breakfast

My grip is unto death
gravity is my bitch
throughout the daily grind as the cog grunts and sputter its creeping lethargy
my mind races ahead to the trail
Thats where the roots and rocks wait to rattle and shake my bones back to life, to stir my blood and lungs

I am a mountain biker

cables and sinew merge with blood and aluminum
my pounding heart is the relentless groove the spills across this blur of greenery
my wheels – on the trail
a foot on each pedal
and mind – in the middle
surfing thru centrifugal force turning the wheel – that turns the tide

I am a mountain biker and I eat pain for breakfast

bc bike race canada
Oh, and singletrack. There’s lush singletrack too.

He is a mountain biker?
Behold he bulging physique
His rippling muscles of anther propel his silhouette across the horizon thru the mossy trees, over the stumps, jagged rocks,
careening past streams, cliffs, and beast, and shadows

Spandex! Sweat! Flesh and metal collide in a joyful symphony of speed!
The gravel flies beneath his wheels
Bones chatter, muscles burn
mud splatters, wheels turn
He is a mountain biker

She is a mountain biker

Her eyes shine with and earthly fire
Her eyes bite with electrolytes
The horizon crashes beneath her shocks
Perched like a falcon she swoops and dives through spender
She is a mountain biker

bc bike race british columbia canada
No wonder this event sells out in days!

We are mountain bikers

we dream to ride and we ride to dream
we know that a triumphant smiling face is best anointed with blood sweat and mud and washed down with an ice cold beer
we know that every revolution begins with a firmly planted foot
we know that with our the pain the ride would be meaningless the sky less blue and the air sweet

You are a mountain biker
you know who you are, you’ve come this far and now give yourselves a mighty roar
Let them see you howl and sore

bcbike race canada
And if you’re still not sold, you can get a selfie with Tippie himself!

Want to know more about the BC Bike Race and how you can be a part of it? Head to the BC Bike Race website for more information about dates, the route, what’s involved and how you can enter.

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