Video: Stanton Slackline & Mac The Trail Dog

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We’re hoping you’ve enjoyed yourself a nice and relaxing Bank Holiday long weekend full of family and bike riding good times. But chances are – like us – you’re now back to reality, and back to the daily grind feeling a little worse for wear. You might have achy muscles from all that riding you did, or achy ears from all the screaming you copped in the car while being stuck on the M4 on the way back home last night. If only that long weekend could have gone on for just a bit longer…

Well, unfortunately we’re short of one Doc and one DeLorean short of getting back to the start of the weekend, so this video is going to have to tie you over until the next weekend. Sent in via Stanton Bikes, this little edit is of rider Oli Watson, and his furry companion Mac The Dog. Mac only makes a couple of cameos in the video, while Oli shreds the absolute bejesus out of a Slackline steel hardtail on the dusty trails of Cannock Chase.

Now hit that play button and enjoy yourself 119 seconds of riding bliss!

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