Sea Otter 2017: Lezyne

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Lezyne had a lot of new things on show as always. And a few that are worth a look at again, like this PortaShop Pro. Lots of premium home mechanic tools and lots of hickory handles for durability and that nice warm wood feel. (Many baseball bats are made of hickory, fact fans)

Precision cut foamy case filling for the win!
These 8mm and 6mm pedal tools are particularly satisfying

New this year is the chain tool. It features a clamping system that can be adjusted for anything from a BMX chain to a new 12 speed chain, with room in the base for Shimano pins.

New chain tool, right.

The RAP 21 tool takes one of Lezyne’s most popular tools and makes it one better by adding a removable CO2 head.

All you enduro folks need in a pocket

There’s a new, more affordable Floor Drive track pump, with a composite foot and handle to bring the price down. Everything else is still the same as Lezyne’s top-end tools


Composite base for affordability and hey, it saves weight!
It says 160, but will have a 220PSI capacity
Fantastic plastic handle

The Tall Floor Drive is something we know many people will love (we’re looking at you, Barney, and anyone over 6ft tall) – it’s a taller track pump! As well as being more comfortable to use for taller people, the longer pump means a greater useable stroke. The taller builds will be available on three models of Floor Drive pump.

Looks just like a regular Floor Drive, right?
The pump is 8cm taller – which gives more usable stroke.
Purple is back again. As is that old Ringlé blue…
Composite side-entry cages for squished frame suspension bikes
One of the best CO2 valves we’ve used now comes in colours

The Zecto Max lamp comes with double battery capacity offering 250 lumens and something like up to eight hours use on full, or 48hours on pulsing mode. Great for those multi day trips.

Many of Lezyne’s portable floor pumps now come with a digital gauge option


Why should digital track pumps get all the fun and technology?
This portable tyre gauge has a digital readout connected to a fancy machined valve head

Lezyne has dabbled with bike bags for a while, usually saddle packs and the like, but now it’s going full-on with a value-platform of bike and frame bags.

The bar bag is narrow enough to fit normal drop bars
Top tube tank for your snacks
Small capacity seat sausage with bungies for flip flops and baguettes
It’s a coincidence that the (insulated) cylindrical bar pack fits a tall can of beer. Co. Incidence, OK?
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