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Core Bike 2017: Pedro’s Bike Tools

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During the 2017 Core Bike show, Silverfish UK were showing off a host of different brands in its stable, including US tool brand, Pedro’s. While there aren’t any wholesale changes to the Pedro’s tool range, there have been a couple of clever additions, including the brand new 3-way preset torque driver.

Available in three different versions (4nm, 5nm and 6nm) the official name for these are ‘Fixed Torque Drivers’. You can’t adjust the torque setting like you can with more sophisticated torque wrenches, but that’s kinda the point – Pedro’s wanted to introduce an easy to use preset torque wrench that comes equipped with the tool bits that you’d use the most in your workshop.

pedros tools tool torque wrench corebike core bike 2017
New preset torque wrenches from Pedro’s are designed to stop you from squishing lightweight components.

According to Pedro’s, the company introduced such a tool thanks to growing consumer awareness around taking care with lightweight carbon components. “The increase in carbon fibre bikes and components have driven the need“, states Pedro’s. “While carbon fibre allows for more optimal design and provides higher strength to weight ratio compared to steel and aluminium, it is also more susceptible to crushing and cracking when improperly set up.

We’ve all witnessed horror photos of carbon fibre handlebars and seatposts broken in half. You know, the ones that make your arse pucker thanks to those vicious shards of the carbon left behind. And while failure is possible with any mountain bike component, correct installation goes a long way to preventing something from breaking when it shouldn’t. Of course lightweight alloy components aren’t immune to over-torquing either, so giving stem bolts, brake levers, shifters and seatpost clamps a going over with a calibrated torque wrench comes highly recommended by us – regardless of whether it’s metal or plastic-fantastic.

pedros tools tool torque wrench corebike core bike 2017
A simple 3-way design means you’ve always got three bits handy.

Pedro’s Fixed Torque Drivers are shop quality preset torque wrenches designed with an infinite torque-limiting clutch design to eliminate over-torquing of critical parts. Each wrench is calibrated using a torque calibration analyzer accurate to +/- 1% and is then tested 5 times prior to packaging with results recorded on the product card along with the date.” – Pedro’s.

The Pedro’s Fixed Torque Driver features:

  • Available in 4nm, 5nm and 6nm options
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Magnetic socket drive accepts standard 1/4in hex bits
  • 4nm and 5nm drivers include 4mm, 5mm, and T25 bits
  • 6nm driver includes 4mm, 5mm and T30 bits
  • Includes magnetic storage slots to hold two extra bits
  • RRP: £41.99
pedros tools tool torque wrench corebike core bike 2017
Any tool with magnets is a winner in our book.

Included with each Fixed Torque Driver are three 1/4in tool bits. These are interchangeable with other tool bits, and they’re held in place in the tool by the magical power of magnets.

pedros tools tool torque wrench corebike core bike 2017
Choose from 4nm, 5nm and 6nm options.

You can choose from 4nm, 5nm and 6nm options, depending on what torque setting is most applicable for your bike and needs. While each driver comes with a 4mm, 5mm and T25 bits, the more powerful 6nm wrench subs in a bigger T30 torx bit instead of the T25. As you tighten down on the bolt you’re using, the Fixed Torque Driver will emit a “click” when you reach the specified torque setting, thereby notifying you to stop tightening any further.

For more information, head to the Pedro’s and the Silverfish websites for all your needs.

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Core Bike 2017: Pedros Tools

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