Throwback Thursday: It’s Gym Life, But Not As We Know It…

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Much as we hate to admit it, most of us have ‘proper’ jobs that push mountain biking some way down the list of priorities. Meerkat explains why it’s worth persevering.

issue 92, meerkat, column, gym, exercise bike

Published in Issue 92

Words by Meerkat.

Since I started writing these columns, I’ve gone from regular nine-to-fiver, with modest but adequate weekly opportunity to straddle a mountain bike, to seasoned road warrior barely able to unpack between a succession of ‘inexpensive’ hotels. Under these conditions retaining one’s sanity is an achievement, but staying in physical shape requires a close acquaintance with the hotel gym.

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Comments (1)

    I feel your pain and live that life. The balance of guilt at the weekend to spend time around with family and DIY versus the somehow feels selfish ride .. the joy. Good luck! I’m hoping for a sneaky one over the festive “break”. James

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