Throwback Thursday: It’s Not Supposed To Be Easy

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In these days of bigger and better suspension, Steve Worland talks about trying to go the other way to find bigger and better rigidity, in Issue 80.

steve worland, issue 80

Words by Steve Worland.

Over the last few months I’ve been mostly riding bikes that are harder to ride than off-road bikes are supposed to be. There are days when that’s strangely satisfying. There are other days when I really start to wonder about my sanity. I’m beginning to suspect that the distorted satisfaction and the distorted sanity might both be linked to the fact that I started riding off-road about half a century ago on a ‘tracking’ bike that was barely fit for purpose… progressing a few years later to a cyclo-cross bike that was, at the time, even less suitable.

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    Sub 25lb?
    “…making it harder seems somehow a lot more satisfying than making it easier.”
    Singlespeed is the answer.
    Before anyone else comments, fixie would just be wilfully obtuse.

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